Summer of Scrum Toronto 2014

We have a great line-up of training coming for this Summer.  We have a number of advanced Scrum (and Agile) - training events that are being scheduled:
- a 1-day "Advanced ScrumMaster" course
- a 1-day "Advanced Product Owner" course
- a 1-day "Managing for Success" course
- a 1-day "Enterprise Agile" course
- a 2-day "Agile Engineering Practices" course
- a 2-day "Agile Coach Training" course
Our schedule for these will be finalized in the next few weeks.  If you are interested in these courses, please pre-register here!  Pre-registration will give you a guaranteed spot and a discount of 10% above and beyond the early-bird registration price.

Certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner and OpenAgile Team Member

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