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Toronto, Ontario 2017/04/25 $1,600.00 Register Now

Agile Team Development - Stage 1


Developing teamwork is essential to the success of Scrum and Agile methods. How can you develop as a team toward high performance?

This ½ day course is designed to help cross-functional teams improve. Designed for the whole team (e.g. Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners), this seminar helps you explore your own ability to contribute to the continual innovation and disciplined execution of the team. Through improvisation, collaboration, and performance coaching, you will practice techniques which help create dynamic, unified and innovative teams.

The price is for one whole team - up to 15 people maximum! Your work place needs to provide a room free of tables for your Agile Team Development workshop.

Learning Objective(s): 

In this half-day session you will:

  • Experience the alignment between the principles of team work and the practice of improvisation.
  • Experience how to develop trust among teammates.
  • Experience safe failure modes and how to grow comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Experience the spontaneity and discipline required of creative endeavor.

Everything you need will be provided by the facilitator. Wear comfortable clothing. Just bring yourself and a readiness to have fun.

About the facilitator:

Valerie Senyk is a published author, a trainer/teacher of improvisation and a voice coach for public-speaking. Valerie is a Scrum Master and holds a Masters Degree in Theatre – with over twenty years’ experience working with university students, production teams and casts of large-scale public performance. Valerie has consulted with many organizations and is an active practitioner among the Agile community.  She has published numerous articles on AgileAdvice.


Each session will include a set of activities and exercises with discussion to explore and improve team dynamics. The workshop can occur at a time of day convenient to your team - it can usually be scheduled any day (MON-FRI) in the week of the listing date - we recommend starting in the afternoon. The workshop duration is 3 hours.


"[What I enjoyed] most: the improv based exercises that Valerie guided us on." - Sr. Project Manager, December, 2016

"Fun and informative." - Manager, December, 2016

A whole team that is currently using Agile methods and trying to improve their performance, communication, creativity and collaboration.
City Start Datesort descending Price
Toronto, Ontario 2017/04/25 $1,600.00 Register Now