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Agile Scrum Developer

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This 5-Day (or 3-Day) course provides the foundations to be an effective Scrum Team Development Member. Learn the Agile engineering practices and techniques required to deliver high quality software with Scrum teams.

  • 21 PDUs | 21 SEUs
  • Practical Skills for defect-free code
  • 2 free books, estimation cards, and more
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI
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Learning Objective(s): 


The Agile Scrum Developer ASD course is 3 days including instruction related to Agile Engineering Practices. This class does not achieve the Certified Scrum Developer® designation with Scrum Alliance® but is valid and counts toward SEUs or PDUs. Participants may also take certified Scrum instruction separately.


Praise for Our Agile Scrum Developer® Training

"Pedram was amazing. Really great with his knowledge base and interactions with the attendees. Included great team exercises. Forbes was great too." — QA Lead - May 2018

"Great course, totally worth it." — QA Developer - May 2018

"I didn't find lego exercises useful and practical." — Developer - May 2018

"It is good for persons who are not working on scrum before." — Developer - May 2018

"Learned it all before - not really your fault. If i don't seem interested in random lego activities etc don’t try to to force me. Let me be on phone in peace." — Developer - May 2018

"It was good course. It will really help in my career goals." — QA - May 2018

"I feel that instructor has real deep experience in the material . Not only theory by books but real programming and Agile knowlage. This course teach the team how participate effectively in agile process. Exercises in TDD and refactoring were very valuable." — QA Automation - May 2018

"I love writing code again!!" — Developer - September 2016

"This is one of the best trainings I have ever had. Learned everything in real-time in much fun way rather than total theory. When taught with live examples, that create more impact. The instructor is just so awesome in his teaching style." — Front-end Developer - June 2016

"The course is very useful and it is relevant to our daily work. Exercises we did in the course helped to understand the agile/ scrum process a lot." — Technical Specialist - June 2016

"In three days of interactive class where both organizational and technology issues and challenges are addressed, students get to learn while having fun, and living the agile experience."—Scrum Master - September 2016

"I feel reinvigorated to take my job and team performance to a higher level." — Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

"The class was incredibly beneficial to help illustrate the benefits of TDD, and improved code quality yields better productivity over time. It also helped emphasize Agile works best for Complex systems." — Senior Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

"The course was really interesting and helpful. Some of the topics were eye-openers. Would recommend to any team member (developer or tester)." — Technical Consultant, Feb-Mar 2016

"This course gave a practical experience to most Agile development skills in a short period of time." — Technical Specialist, Feb-Mar 2016

"This is a very good course for Scrum Developers as you can practise all learning on the spot." — Scrum Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

"I loved this certification course! What I learned here would have taken lots of time to learn and observe in real life and now I know I can apply it into my job." — Developer 2015

"I like the time I spent here. It was useful for myself as a software developer. I've learned several new techniques and technologies." — S/W Developer, November 2015

"Opened a new window for doing my job." — Developer, November 2015

"This was a very fun and useful course because it was delivered by an extremely experienced coach who is a developer." — Developer, November 2015


About Your Instructors


Pedram Maleknejad's Portrait

Pedram Maleknejad

"Delivering hgh-quality software using technical Agile practices is what I do at BERTEIG"

Pedram is a key Agile Technical Consultant at BERTEIG and brings professional excellence into every engagement. Helping others to excel is what makes him stand out as a truly inspirational teacher.

Pedram continues to help BERTEIG build its core technology and this supports the vision and strategy of BERTEIG.


Fernando Cuenca's Portrait

Fernando Cuenca

With over 22 years as a technical contributor in software development Fernando is a BERTEIG trainer specializing in Agile technical practices.

Fernando is passionate about helping development teams find better and more systematic ways of building products they can be proud of, perfecting their craft, all while still having fun in the process.

Learning Outcomes


By successfully completing this course you will learn Agile Engineering Practices including:

  • Incremental architecture & design
  • How Agile teams work together
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Refactoring
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • How Agile developers must lead by example
  • How technical excellence empowers agility in the Enterprise






  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Day 1: Test Driven Development
    • Working in Pairs
    • TDD Fundamentals
    • TDD Beyond Fundamentals (working in small steps, emergent design, mocking & stubbing)
  3. Day 2: Working with Legacy Code
    • Code Smells
    • Technical Debt
    • Refactoring
  4. Day 3: Developing as a Team
    • Thinly Slicing a problem
    • Acceptance Test Driven Development & Spec by Example
    • Continuous Integration/Delivery
  5. Closing, Recap & Call to Action

Additional Benefits

Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice". We offer this free book because we encourage continuous learning!

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider


As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI as "Technical Education" PDUs | Details at CCRS.PMI.org.


Developers who already know how to write code and are seeking to get better at their craft.