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Certified ScrumMaster

CSM Badge

This 2-day course provides the foundations to be an effective Scrum Master. Achieve Certified ScrumMaster® designation with Scrum Alliance® by successfully completing this course and the exam.

  • 16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
  • Scrum Alliance® exam fee is included
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®
  • 2 free books, estimation cards, and more
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI
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Reviews of Our Certified ScrumMaster® Training

“Jerry and Mishkin are extremely knowledgeable and experience in SCRUM and have value insights based on their experience. The course is totally recommended and full marks to the instructors!”
— Director - August 2018

“Thoughtful, engaging, and fun.”
— QA Team Lead - August 2018

“The Berteig 2 Day Scrum Master Training was an excellent introduction to the Scrum framework. Jerry and Mishkin had extensive knowledge and provided great insights from their experiences in the field.”
— Project Manager - August 2018

“The Certified Scrum Master Training at Berteig provided me with the necessary tools to apply Scrum at work and with my team. Jerry is a wonderful facilitator that encouraged the group to think and act up on ourselves.”
— Director of Client Services - August 2018

“The training schedule was very well-organized and interactive. It challenges our understanding of scrum in a positive sense. Trainer Jerry was very knowledgeable and replied to our queries very patiently. I strongly recommend the class to any one pursuing scrum master role.”
— Business Systems Analyst - August 2018

“The CSM training with BERTEIG was a really fun experience that exceeded my expectations. I totally recommend this training for who wants to be prepared for the  certification or wants to learn about Scrum.”
— Software Engineering Team Lead - August 2018

“A well organized Training.”
— President - July 2018

“The simulation that was executed was spot on for applying learning potential of scrum.”
— Application Consultant - July 2018

“The course fulfilled my expectations 100%. Very dynamic and agile. That was the best way i could choose to get my first touch with Scrum. Besides that the networking and experience sharing was awesome!”
— Project Manager - July 2018

“Very good training with a knowledgeable and well prepared instructor.”
— Consultant - July 2018

“The Berteig course was great.  I'm currently in a scrum team and have been practicing scrum in various roles over 5 years. This course has provided me with a very solid foundation to continue my practice and empowers me to make adjustments based on scrum principles and best practices.”
— BSA - July 2018

“Petra was very good at presenting the subject matter very passionate about the it. Her extensive real-world knowledge combined with her in-depth knowledge of the scrum master process made this learn experience invaluable. The course material was well thought out, clear concise and could be easily applies to my work situation. Questions from participants on real life situation were explained fully and practical solutions were given. In addition to her presentation, she recommended several books and internet articles for further reading. This was a very good course and would recommended it my colleagues or any one who is interested.”
— BA - July 2018

“ much focus was given on the exercise and not on principles of Scrum Master. The agenda on the 2nd day seemed driven by student inquiry, rather than a prescribed agenda. We're getting tested/certified, so that should reflect a prescribed agenda with topics and goals, against which you're tested against for certification, not to be left in the hands of inquiring students.”
— Agile Developer - July 2018 -

“The instructors Mishkin and Forbes were great in clarifying what the Scrum framework is and is not. They were able to answer all questions and provide real life examples on how Scum can increase productivity, efficiency, and create high performing teams. The course length was just the right amount and they were very good at outlining their expectations of the attendees.”
— IT Consultant – June 2018

“The course was insightful and I learned a lot of new concepts about SCRUM that were misused at my workplace. Truly an eye opener!”
— BA Lead - JUNE 2018

“Mishkin Berteig is on the dot with course materials, accessories, content and an engaging conversational personality. Makes understanding the material and learning easier!”
— N/A - June 2018

“Instruction and materials provided were subpar.”
— N/A - June 2018

“Great course. I would recommend it to all management professionals who are looking to do Scrum.”
— IT Manager/ SM - JUNE 2018

“This is an excellent overview of the Scrum Master role and I course I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in Scrum and becoming a Scrum Master.”
— Product Owner - JUNE 2018

“It was a very in depth course that leaves you with a thorough understanding of the Scrum, its framework, values, events and roles.”
— Project Manager - JUNE 2018

“A conversational approach to explore scrum together - time flew by.”
— Scrum Master - June 2018

“Great course structure and lots of value.”
— Project Manager - June 2018

“The course was great and I am really impressed how Scrum can be applied in different places.”
— Reporting Manager - June 2018

“Loved the hardliners stances on what agile should be.”
— Project Control Officer - June 2018

“This is definitely a great course I would recommend all project managers to take.”
— IT Project Manager - June 2018

“The course provided good conceptual knowledge and clarified quite a few scrum concepts as compared to waterfall.”
— Consultant - June 2018

“Thanks for a great course. You absolutely busted my perceptions of agile and how they should be applied. Thanks so much.”
— Director / Owner - June 2018

“Excellent course. Thanks!”
— Scrum Master - June 2018

“I thought I would have to endure two days of boring lectures, but instead I was deeply engaged, tuned in, and speaking up to ask questions, which led to a training experience like none other. I strongly recommend BERTEIG's training courses.”
— Product Manager – June 2018

“Having attended a few Scrum training sessions, this CSM course by Berteig was by far one of the best. The session was extremely well organized and planned. Jerry was excellent. A lot that can be learned from his presentation style as well.”
— Delivery Manager - May 2018

“Clear delivery of concepts and materials. The workshop made for team building and fun. Thanks for the experience.”
— Director, Service Delivery - May 2018

“An agile course on Agile.”
— Scrum Master/ App. Software Developer - May 2018

“Excellent course, highly recommended. Hands on exercises brought material home.”
— Project Manager - May 2018

“It is a great course. You are exposed to real scrum and you do a deep dive into a lot of topics.”
— Administrative Assistant - May 2018

“Jerry was experienced and insightful. He hit the nail in the head with his examples. Thanks Berteig, our team will work on having fun and building wicked stuff!”
— Agile Lead, EETS - May 2018

“This course fit all the needs coming in about whether the scrum master role I have been performing for the past 6 months was up to standard. Turns out there is tons I can do to help my team more and to change our processes to be more agile all thanks to this course. Thanks for everything - super helpful.”
— Scrum Master – April 2018

“I loved this course. Jerry kept the whole class engaged for the full two days. We got a complete balance of theory and practice for Scrum Training. Keep up the good work, Berteig.”
— Director – April 2018

“A fantastic training that opens one's eyes to the core of Scrum.”
— Scrum Master – April 2018

“The course was thoughtfully planned and skillfully executed. I have developed insights into different tools and techniques that I was not aware of before.”
— Project Manager – April 2018

“This training is an eye opener as it literally walks one through the process. Jerry has a full grasp of the framework and able to use relatable explanations and examples.”
— Scrum Master – April 2018

"2 days well spent! Definitely did not leave this course feeling like my time was wasted. On the contrary, I left feeling more ready and empowered to take on tasks/projects in a much "smarter" and more efficient way. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested to think outside the box, and is sick and tired of being buried in meaningless processes and documentation at work. Thank you David and Mishkin for sharing your knowledge and keeping it honest!"
— Senior IT PM - April 2018

"This course gives value added when compared to just reading guides about scrum. Doing the exercises and listening to the facilitators makes such a big difference. It is a real eye opener."
— Senior Manager – Lean and Operational Excellence - April 2018

"Best course I have attended for long time."
— Associate Manager - April 2018

"It was a great experience and I hope to get another chance to be in a room with Dave and Mishkin soon!!"
— Consultant - April 2018

"This course helped me understand scrum methodology and reinforced scrum mindset. I now have the knowledge base to help my team apply scrum in our delivery."
— Project Manager - April 2018

"Both David and Mishkin are one of best coaches  and they guided us well to achieve our goal."
— Software Developer/Contractor - April 2018

Liked training but height of flip chart should have been higher."
— Project Manager - April 2018

"I am very glad I chose you. After the course my knowledge and experience has further solidified. I now truly believe in practicing "Stop Starting and Start Finishing"."
— Scrum Master - April 2018

"Best course I have attended for long time."
— Associate Manager - April 2018

"Handy. Practical. Incisive and Insightful."
— Program Manager - April 2018

"Great course! Exceeding my expectations of what I was going to learn throughout the course. I really appreciated the hands on activities as they added to my learning experience."
— Account Manager/ Team Member - April 2018

"This is an excellent course taught by an experienced instructor who knows how to facilitate. Participation in the discussions is a must and encourages practicing three of the Scrum Values (Openness, Respect, Courage) even before the course is complete...I felt energized and optimistic about the possibilities."
— Software Developer - April 2018

"Phenomenal instructor! Not only did David cover the entire material he intended to, he also answered everyone's questions and was very attentive to each student during class activities."
— Release Engineer - April 2018

"A good course and a highly enjoyable days. Trainers were engaging, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group."
— PM - April 2018

"I learned a lot with the comic book project - it was great working in a team under tight deadline."
— Project Coordinator - April 2018

"Very participatory, engaging and team-oriented course. Learning through real life experience will definitely add value in a career. Course is full of action and learning in a very creative way. Highly recommended."
— Director - April 2018

"I think the 3 little pigs comic book was a bit of an intense product to start learning sprint planning/simulation with. A simpler exercise can be considered for this before an intense product is introduced/required to be built. "
—Business Support Coordinator - April 2018

"Just do this course. Seriously. It is definitely worth it. Both Mishkin and David carry a lot of experience and both have a very hands-on, honest, and clear way of explaining scrum and agile. They will quickly debunk a lot of myths that are out there so you will leave this course with greater understanding and knowledge on best ways to apply it to your organization."
- User Research Lead - March 2018

"Berteig's Scrum master class is thorough and suitable for beginners or people with some scrum experience. The exercises were a fun way to experience first hand the intended effects of a self-organizing team. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting certified or just learning the basics of Scrum."
— Associate - March 2018

"This course was fantastic, this was super applicable to a startup environment as well. The fast-paced development naturally fits with Scrum, and this course helped display this."
— Business Development and Operations - March 2018

"If you're looking for an excellent overview on the role and benefit of an agile workplace and the role of a scrum master in that organization this is a great place to start."
— Manager Application Support - March 2018

"Superb presenters, delivered in a pleasant and supportive manner. The first day was one of the best training courses I have attended."
— Senior Project Manager - March 2018

"I have successfully completed the certification. I have taken many agile related courses before and I think this has been the most comprehensive."
—Project Manager - March 2018

“Course had great focus, staff was knowledgeable and effective. They followed up with myself and offered great advice on complex questions. Did not shy away from people’s questions no matter the depth or complexity. Great people, would recommend to anyone! Was a great experience that showed a depth of preparation.”
— Developer - March 2018

"I struggled with the rules. I personally felt a bit threatened that I could be kicked out. I am of the mindset that attendees paid a lot of money to attend, and as adults should value the time and make the commitment to learning would respect time and attention required. Again the method and how it lends to agile was not lost on me - perhaps it could be presented differently."
— Manager Marketing Initiatives - March 2018

"I have attended other Agile training in the past, however I found Berteig’s approach to be a professional presentation of the framework with deep personal convictions, and focus on the progressive aspects of the framework. Thank you."
— Partner - February 2018

"This is the scrum course you've been looking for. The trainers can describe what scrum is, in detail, and what it means for your organization and how it could change things. This is everything you need in a scrum session."
— Owner - February 2018

"The Berteig Scrum Master course was quite informative and was free flowing. Dave and Mishkin did a great job in providing the knowledge and encouraging audience participation. Was a great course to attend."
— Senior Project Manager - February 2018

"Great training for learning SCRUM. Makes me rethink about how I want to work going forward."
—PM/ Owner - February 2018

"Mishkin and David are very good facilitators as these two days of learning and gaining the experience is really a value add. I really enjoyed the pace of learning, sharing information, working in groups, presenting, learning from others and also creating a potential releasable incremental product for client at the end of each Sprint. Overall, I enjoyed and had fun!!"
— Business Project Manager - February 2018

"Great Scrum Master course providing practical tools and answers to our many questions of how to make scrum work in the real world."
— Former Director Project Audit - February 2018

"Engaging and interactive course on Agile Scrum; recommend having some basic understanding of Scrum prior to taking the course."
— Principal Consultant - February 2018

"I was very impressed with the BERTEIG facilitators. They were able to answer every question that was asked during our 2 day session. Jerry had the entire class excited and functioning at a very efficient level. The amount of content that was covered in 2 days was impressive. He was able to apply all the Scrum values during our session. The other staff was prompt and respectful in every form of communication. They truly live the Scrum values, I will be taking more opportunities provided by BERTEIG in the future."
— Student Conduct Coordinator - February 2018

"This course was really an eye opener. Not only I became Agile-addict but it also seems that my future career goals are changed in a good way!"
— BA Lead - February 2018

"Very well delivered and engaging throughout. Always making sure to get us up our feet to do exercises with our immediate team and with other teams. Excellent facilitation!"
— Project Manager - February 2018

"Should (have) attend(ed) the course earlier."
— Software Engineer Team Lead - February 2018

"The options and techniques given were great, especially the ones we got to try out. It did sound like, however, that there are other ways and techniques that we could follow to solve problems. It might be worth it to list all the known techniques, then pick one or two to try out."
— Senior Software Developer - February 2018

"This course was fantastic and I feel like I came away with a better understanding of what is and what isn't scrum."
— Scrum Master/ BA - February 2018

"The least boring training I have ever had. (Well I assume all training are boring.)"
— Director - February 2018

"The interactions with teacher and people from industries and multiple team exercises within factually rigid time schedule even within the first hour of the class were very practical and helpful."
— n/a -February 2018

"I was highly impressed with the course, it was well delivered and the class was fully engaged. The time flew by so fast, no room to be bored. I would highly recommend it."
— President /Consultant – January 2018

"This course truly exceeded my expectations! I learned so much about how to do Scrum and how to make my team more Agile. Highly recommended for all budding Scrum Masters, and anyone looking to bring an Agile approach to their team."
— Software Developer – January 2018

"Great insights and advice on how to effectively implement Scrum in our teams."
— Education Content Creator – January 2018

"Mishkin and his team offered a lot of clarity and helped us see how Scrum could be used within an IT and non IT work environment. Mishkin is very knowledgeable and brings his experiences, making it more practical and not just theory. Exercises and lectures together were a right combination for success."
—Senior QA – January 2018

"I liked the tag team approach of trainers and the real life stories relating to the course content."
— Senior Project Manager/ Scrum Master – January 2018

"I’ve become a truly cross-functional team member now after training."
— Application Developer – January 2018

" David and Mishkin are clearly experienced and knowledgeable trainers and Scrum Masters."
— Project Manager – January 2018

"The class provides some very important techniques and deep understanding in a very easy and joyful way. Highly recommended."
— Testing Manager - January 2018

"Did not expect to enjoy the course however it was very informative and well organized. I learned a lot and can apply it to my everyday work at my employer! Great teachers."
— Senior Project Manager - January 2018

"Thanks to both Jerry and Mishkin who are both very good agile coaches; in just two days my knowledge increased and solved some of the questions I had around Scrum...I was able, in just 16 hours, to master the fundamentals and reasoning behind why things are structured the way they are, and also reflect and spot deficiencies in my current work processes. For that Thank you."
— Project Manager - January 2018

"Going with Berteig was the right decision. The real life examples that were cited during the classroom sessions were of great help."
— Scrum Master - January 2018

"The Scrum training was amazing, I would strongly recommend Berteig trainings. Very well organized, on time, very detailed with real life scenarios and how to address various challenges. Also what is amazing is they want to hear client's feedback and areas for improvement which means they actually practice what they preach in 'Scrum.'"
— Project Coordinator - January 2018

"The Berteig CSM course tapped into my knowledge of scrum and taught me concepts I didn't know before. Learning is a gift and I am glad I took this course!"
— Product/ Project Manager - January 2018

"Passionate instructors in a setting with intelligent peers. Worth attending!"
— Director - January 2018

"Jerry and Petra provided a wonderful insight to the Agile world. The course was fun, interactive and entertaining."
— Independent Consultant - January 2018

"Instructor's acumen and understanding of SCRUM was superb. The course is very well structured, providing a lot of pertinent information and practical exercises, without overwhelming the student. Punctuality was superb and it really added to the positive experience. Best two day course I have ever attended.."
—Project Manager/ Consultant - December 2017

"I am happy to let you know that I passed the CSM® test today. I really enjoyed your class and it cleared up some big misconceptions I had, plus provided some harsh truths about Scrum. The simulation you have in the class was so close to reality and how humans interact and behave...Everyone was expecting detailed lectures and theory, and this has actually been a breath of fresh air, because reality is harsh and far, far away from theory. I have used simulation and facilitation before with my team, but I will tap into this new experience to do even more with them. Thank you for all the reference materials, and the books."
— Director, Quality Assurance - December 2017

"I found this training highly engaging, valuable, and it's completely worth it.”
— Senior Business Analyst - December 2017

"A thorough introduction to the thinking and processes of scrum, and the factors necessary to make it successful in your organization.”
— Change Management - December 2017

"Best class ever - no slides, real experience.”
— PM - December 2017

"I enjoyed the training and left with many Aha! moments. If your organization adopts SCRUM I truly recommend Berteig for your training needs.”
— Sr. QA Manager - December 2017

"Berteig did an amazing job explaining the concepts of scrum. I love the interaction of the teams. Fantastic course!”
— Senior Business Analyst - December 2017

"Mishkin is a very knowledgeable scrum coach.”
— Senior Project Manager - December 2017

"The course was very effective...I loved the high energy, interesting discussions and good laugh we had throughout the course.”
— Software Developer - December 2017

"This course is a must for anyone interested in the future of Agile (processes).”
— Rate Analyst - December 2017

"David was a pleasure to learn from and the information shared in the class is valuable.”
— Marketing Manager - December 2017

"A highly engaging course taught by an experienced and passionate scrum professional.”
— Lead - November 2017

"I highly recommend taking the course. Excellent way of coaching.”
— President - November 2017

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained a lot of insights about use of SCRUM Agile framework.”
— Owner - November 2017

"Very engaging learning experience. The group work was intense! And sooo applicable to the real-world.”
— Director of Project Management - November 2017

"This was an intense, dynamic, and very engaging introduction to Scrum that made the framework easily accessible and understandable - despite the fact that I am not a software professional.”
— Principal - November 2017

"Great course for the future of product delivery.”
— Program Lead - November 2017

"The team at Berteig Consulting are the real industry leaders in providing agile knowledge and I learned so much during the duration of this course.”
— Senior Business Analyst - November 2017

"I felt a strong need to acquire the knowledge of the fundamentals so that I could help correct the misrepresentations of agile in my company. I believe strongly in the framework and it's relevance and as such feel obligated to defend it fiercely.”
— Infrastructure / Application Change Manager - November 2017

"Excellent...I would highly recommend this course for anyone trying to learn the agile framework. 10/10!”
— Publishing Manager - November 2017

"The team provided a well organized classroom environment that was optimal for learning and my confidence moving forward as a Scrum Master.”
— Product Owner - November 2017

"The hands-on approach made learning agile principles effortless.”
— Project Manager - November 2017

"Extremely helpful in understanding the role of ScrumMaster to activities and discussions. Gave an insight of what was being done wrong and right at my current workplace where scrum is the process being followed.”
— QA & Deputy Scrum Master - November 2017

"Great course, great instructor willing to iterate to improve, much like the concepts taught.”
— Software Developer - November 2017

"Excellent training and insights from experienced coaches.”
— Project Manager - November 2017

"Great insight into scrum and few of the best QA sessions attended so far.”
— PMO Lead - November 2017

"Left a very clear vision of what agile should be.”
— QA Manager - November 2017

"I was very pleased to hear insights on the challenges of the ScrumMaster role and responses to those challenges from multiple senior practitioners within the Berteig team.”
— Project Lead - November 2017

"Terrific course.”
— Director - October 2017

"I love so much about Scrum and I will definitely execute this.”
— Analyst - October 2017

"This was a great course with an awesome interactive activity which allowed me to appreciate what the developers on my team go through when new requirements are thrown at them.”
— Agile PM - October 2017

"Very informative and valuable for all people to understand continuous improvement and learning.”
— Team Member - October 2017

"Great, engaging course that 'threw us in the deep end' (in a good way!) on day 1 to teach the basics, then layered on more with instructor/class discussions on day 2. I'll highly recommend it to colleagues.”
— Scrum Master - October 2017

"Great team work and autonomy, with solid materials, guidance and candid feedback from the BERTEIG trainer.”
— Director, Consulting - October 2017

"Great lively course with lot of interaction. You are not a spectator but an actor to the session.”
— Senior Project Manager - October 2017

"I found the CSM course insightful, interesting and challenging. I highly recommend the class.”
— Senior Director/ PMO - October 2017

"Awesome experience and looking forward to applying this learning to better help my team.”
— Senior Project Consultant-PM - October 2017

"Course is a great eye opener for anyone interested in learning more about Agile and scrum. I encourage organizations to consider sending cross functional representation to this course if they are considering adopting Agile methodology.”
— Senior Project Manager - October 2017

"The course was well-structured and disturbingly thought-provoking. A paradigm shift from 20+ years of legacy learned behaviour, legacy being my mind :), to breaking down my personal walls to accept new concepts, methodologies and adaptation and determine how to apply scrum in practice.”
— President and CEO - September 2017

"Held my attention for the entire two days and highly recommend it!!”
— Senior Manager - September 2017

"Great insights on the Scrum Master Course, with hands-on techniques to transform legacy organizations into high performing ones.”
— Project Manager - September 2017

"David is clearly a very engaged & committed facilitator with a wealth of real-life examples & experience to share. His openness to individual participants' stages of learning & work histories is admirable.”
— Communications and Change - September 2017

"BERTEIG provided some great insight into Scrum and how it can be applied.”
— Senior Developer - September 2017

"Engaging, high energy and informative.”
— Manager and Owner - September 2017

"I liked how every activity/story/aspect of the training related back to Scrum.”
—  Project Manager - September 2017

"The knowledge acquired here can be applied immediately.”
— Project Manager - September 2017

"An awesome training seasion with an experienced instructor. Enjoyed and learned every minute of the session. Thank you!”
— Programmer Analyst Advisory - September 2017

“I never really expected anything out of this course, aside from learning about the Agile methodology. It came out to be more than I expected. Kudos to Berteig, an excellent instructor.”
— QA Lead - September 2017

“Thank you for sharing real world examples.”
— Global Director PMO - September 2017

“I truly appreciate all the examples provided in class on how to incorporate many aspects of Scrum within my Sprint planning.”
— Business Analyst - September 2017

“It was great and to meet people across the industry to share their challenges.”
— Director - September 2017

“I began my career in an organization that was noted for high quality training. Berteig ranks up there. In 2 days, it gave me a comprehensive view of the Scrum target state.”
— President - August 2017

“I could have avoided a lot of heartache, sleepless nights and work stress had I taken this course much earlier.”
— Project Manager - August 2017

“The course was amazing. Even after practicing Scrum for so many years it enlightened me to so many basic but essential concepts.”
— Solution Architect - August 2017

“I've taken other Agile courses. This was the most interesting and effective.”
— Senior Development Manager - August 2017

“Exceeded my expectations in the quality and quantity of information I would receive and retain.”
— Development Manager - August 2017

“Course is highly recommended for managing/enabling highly focused and enabled teams.”
— Senior Manager Development - August 2017

“Excellent course; packed with insights and practical information that i can utilize immediately.”
— VP Sales - August 2017

“The activities elucidated a lot of issues in our processes. I came in expecting this to be a waste of time, but my mind was blown.”
— Manager - August 2017

“Best training ever made. I had another idea about Scrum and after the training I've changed my mind.”
— Interaction Design Lead - August 2017

“I found the course to be greatly insightful as it helped me see how much an organization needs to change its culture...”
— Senior Program Manager - July 2017

“You learn, you have fun and you don't know where the time goes - thank you!”
— Project Manager - July 2017

“Although coming off nearly 30 years of PMI and Waterfall and feeling discomfort the first day it started to abate by end of day 2. I can use Scrum and improve projects run by my team IF I get management commitment.”
— Program Manager - July 2017

“The organization has an excellent method for training.”
— Program Manager - July 2017

“What a great learning experience - comfortable, informative and interactive. Great trainers. I would recommend BERTEIG for any training that they have available.”
— Consultant - July 2017

“This course helped drive the direction of our company as an agile environment.”
— Senior Software Developer - July 2017

“The best training I've attended! Great instructors, in depth material. Highly recommended for any individual looking for career development.”
— Security Remediation Analyst - July 2017

“---- better than Ted Talks and pod casts!”
— Business Analyst - July 2017

"Very knowledgeable coach. I valued M----'s analogies and real world examples..”
— Delivery Lead - July 2017

“Learned a lot of eye opening things about scrum. Many myths got busted.”
— Associate Project Manager - July 2017


"Wonderful course that was engaging, fun, and informative. Instructor used effective techniques and examples to help facilitate learning and understanding and used engaging exercises to help us retain the information learned. Highly recommend!”
— Project Control Officer - July 2017

"The course (gave) a wealth of practical information and insight that we can apply directly to our team situation as well as...how to optimize our processes in the future."
— COO - June 2017

"...a fantastic instructor. No bull, no fluff. Knows his stuff and isn't trying to sell, just educate."
— Developer - June 2017

"Incredibly rich in terms of introducing new concepts and approaches to achieving complex work completion."
— Senior Technology Infrastructure Analyst - June 2017

"This course was an eye-opening experience which allowed me to really understand the Agile Framework..."
— Program Director - June 2017

"I loved this course - the coaching methodology was awesome! I definitely recommend this course to anyone even with zero scrum practice."
— Lead Developer - June 2017

"The instructors are experienced agile practitioners, and they provided invaluable advice on real life challenges scrum masters often encounter."
— Scrum Master - June 2017

"...even though (Scrum) may not be used right away in my work, it provided me with good ideas to start seeding the Agile practice."
— Senior Software Developer- June 2017

"I appreciated Mishkin's and Jerry's great energy and enthusiasm for Scrum...It encouraged me to actually get rid of the fear of scrum transformation."
— Project Manager- June 2017

"With the great techniques learned...I feel confident of helping my team to become the most high performance team ever"."
— Software Engineer- June 2017

"The concept fosters an environment of employee engagement which in turn leads to success."
— Project Delivery - June 2017

"This is the most interesting and helpful training I have ever attended.."
— Scrum Master - May 2017

"Great course. I liked every single event and practice. The trainer is excellent and so passionate about what he is teaching. Thank you for the good experience."
—  Team Lead - May 2017

"After hearing multiple times about agile methodology from everyone, I attended this class and received valuable answers to all the doubts that I had regarding scrum. Now I'm confident of being of value to my company and myself."
— Business Analyst - May 2017

"I would recommend this course to any one/company that is interested in agility and the use of scrum as a methodology."
— Scrum Master - May 2017

"Excellent courseware, time bound and exceeded expectations."
— Product Owner - May 2017

"Great interactive training covering the whole scrum framework! Loved it."
— Senior Product Manager - May 2017

"Great framework for leveraging the power of teams and skills."
— Change Management - May 2017

"This course gave a perspective to do a fresh start with my company."
— Scrum Master - May 2017

"For anyone working in a software development environment this course is highly recommended.  It's amazing to understand the value a Scrum Master brings as opposed to a PM in this environment."
— Project Manager - May 2017

“The subject is very relevant to my environment currently and I believe I will be able to put this into practice immediately.”
— Senior Director - April 2017

“Good hands-on training with lots of insights and definitively leaving users with good foundations to continue with the use of the scrum framework.”
— Consultant/ Director- April 2017

“This is a paradigm shift! It is hard and uncomfortable and exciting.”
— Project Manager- April 2017

“This course was outstanding; as a small business owner I learned a lot of new techniques that I can implement day-to-day. We will be working towards using scrum going forward.”
— CEO - April 2017

“This workshop exceeded my expectations! Was good to see how things should be done in a workplace setting.”
— Project Lead - April 2017

“Inspire new thoughts, change mindset.”
—Senior Manager - April 2017

“I can confidently take the SCRUM framework and look at ways to apply it to specific projects within our company. After taking this course, and practicing the framework, it's clear how effective SCRUM can be!”
— HR Training - March 2017

“Thank you for one of the best training programs I have ever attended.”
— Scrum Master - March 2017

“This training has helped me reinforce the knowledge I already know, unlearn and re-learn the accurate Agile framework which gives me more confidence to apply a more correct Agile concepts to my current team.”
—Project Manager/ Scrum Master - March 2017

“Great learning experience and must have for today's 'agile' shift.”
— Project Manager - March 2017

“This course would be essential to helping organizations change age-old behaviours and methods and achieve greater results. I...will be taking this back to my organization.”
— Project Delivery Manager - March 2017

“Interesting delivery of lean/agile concepts, which is often misunderstood and misused! Berteig really tackled the fundamentals of scrum and provided invaluable insights to someone who might want to get acquainted with the concepts or is already working in an agile environment.”
— Senior Manager - March 2017

“Great insights! Will definitely help in my current and future job roles.”
— Scrum Master- March 2017

"Great class and extremely helpful. Instructor was awesome in helping grasp concepts easily. Would highly recommend."
—CEO - February 2017

"A valuable course to learn the basics of being a scrum master. Lots of issues tackled, and it certainly challenges you to think about your own work in a different way."
— Policy Analyst - February 2017

"It is really rare to see the human component in classes such as this one. I absolutely welcome and appreciate it. (The instructor) was brilliant."
— IT Project Coordinator - February 2017

"This course was helpful in not only describing Scrum in theory, but also gave the opportunity to immediately apply the concepts. This learning method greatly assisted with...identifying ways to implement these concepts into my workplace."
— Project Management Practice Lead - February 2017

"I highly recommend taking this course. (The instructor) was great in the delivery of his content and his exercises kept you focused."
—Manager - February 2017

"(This) world class instructor opened my mind in seeing past all the restrictions."
—Software Development Manager - January 2017

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to wants to learn more about Scrum (with) a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher, who can inspire change and a different way of working."
—Consultant - January 2017

"Great course. It was valuable to hear a professional speak on Scrum and to gather with others who work in different environments to gain their perspectives."
—Scrum Master - January 2017

"I highly recommend this course, no matter where your organization is on the 'agile' spectrum. Being a change agent begins with understanding what you are advocating for. I feel empowered by this experience."
—Project Manager - January 2017

"One of the most professional yet fun courses that I have attended. (The facilitator) is a master at keeping everyone engaged!"
—IT Development Manager - January 2017

"Worth every penny - clarified truths and dispelled myths of Scrum."
— IT Director - December 2016

"Interesting, competent and relevant."
—College Faculty Member - November 2016

"Highly recommended to all the companies out there looking to implement scrum.”
— Program Manager - August 2017

"This course left me with actionable take-aways that I will take to my team.”
— Delivery Manager - August 2017

"Teaching material was well distributed and the instructor was good at explaining each item on the framework. I learned a lot from this course.”
— Scrum Master - July 2017

"An interesting and useful course on Scrum and Agile which can be catered to different areas in organizations.”
— Project Control Officer - July 2017

"The instructor was very competent and interesting, and the team exercises were relevant. We learned a lot in 2 days.”
— Project Manager- July 2017

"Mishkin is an excellent instructor. He explain the topics in details and the exercise are good because I actually experience the role of being a scrum master.”
— Senior Project Leader/ Development - July 2017

"There was a practical approach to Scrum that made the information more relatable and easier to envision in our own company.”
— Project Leader - July 2017

"This is an excellent course for...preparing for the Scrum Master Certification exam..”
—   Project Manager - July 2017

“This course was practical and focused. There were lots of interactive activities and time was well used..”
— Senior Manager Relationship Management - May 2017

“It was an incredibly useful course that helped me expand my knowledge and how to effectively work as a Scrum Master..”
— Scrum Master - May 2017

“The past two days were very beneficial and served my needs in trying to understand Agile in general and Scrum method in particular. I am very satisfied with the training..”
— Projects Advisor/ Coordinator - May 2017

“Great foundational course that provides Scrum grounding and preparedness for future iterative development opportunities..”
— Program Manager- May 2017

“Jerry and Mishkin provided a very interactive 2-day course. Their industry experiences also allowed them to provide a lot of insights to addressing real life issues, not just in the scrum bubble.”
—Project Coordinator - April - 2017

— Project Manager - April 2017

“Will definitely recommend to colleagues and friends!”
— IT Program Manager- April 2017

“Was an eye opening experience to rethink the people side of businesses...I was most struck by...how this tool is supposed to reshape work life balance and re-humanize the workplace...”
—Resources - March 2017

"A lot of organizations say they are agile --This is a good reality check."
—Senior Consultant - January 2017

"As organizations look to adopt Agile, I believe it is very important to take this training on the concepts of Agile and Scrum."
—Director of Consulting Services - December 2016

"It was a wonderfully designed course where the trainer was well prepared and ready to answer questions from different work sector people."
—Senior Software Developer/ Scrum Master - December 2016

"Learned so much in two days!"
—Senior Software Developer - December 2016

"If you want an informative and productive CSM overview by a person who has worked in the field of excellence then D---- is your man."
—Agile Coach - December 2016

"Great course for being a useful and mindful Scrum Master in your organization."
—Project Manager - December 2016

"Awesome experience in learning SCRUM framework. Nicely articulated and organized course."
—Senior Project Manager - December 2016

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to advance their knowledge of Scrum specifically and Agile methodology in general."
—Web Application Developer - November 2016

"(The instructor) is very knowledgeable and professional. This course definitely encourages me to get closer to Agile."
—Manager - November 2016

"Came to realize myth from reality. Great course and learned a lot. Good material."
—Scrum Master and TPM - November 2016

"This has been a valuable training session allowing one to leverage on key concepts and apply it to...product delivery."
—Senior Tech Manager - November 2016

"I would recommend this session to anyone in project management who wants to evolve and grow their career."
—Project Manager - November 2016

"Outstanding course!"
—Manager DBA - November 2016

"Compared to all other agile courses I have attended, this was by far the most effective and dynamic."
—Senior Business Analyst - November 2016

"Excellent structure, agenda, activities and discussions to help convey the lessons...One of the best, if not the best, professional courses I have attended in my IT career."
— Project Manager - September 2016

"Good course and great instructor who was very knowledgeable. Lots of things to bring back and try out with my team."
— Senior Manager - August 2016

"Agile training (is) definitely a must-take course for any person interested to perform better at work or life. I've personally found that Agile can be applied not only to work but also in my personal life with my family."
—Project Manager - November 2016

"I was pleasantly surprised that this course brought so much value and a change of mind frame toward Agile."
—President, IT Consultant - November 2016

"...a very engaging instructor - hands down truly the best instructor I've met in my whole training experience."
—Technical Team Lead - November 2016

"Great. The eye-opener was how to change organizational behaviour starting from something basic like time management."
—Senior Consultant - November 2016

"Our department has recently adopted Agile and I feel that this has prepared me...in the Scrum Master role."
—Project Leader -November 2016

"Great coaching and excellent work sessions. I enjoyed the hands-on approach."
— Manager - August 2016

"Content was amazing. Facilitation was brilliant."
— Director of Commercialization - September 2016

"D-- was genuine, understands the spirit of Agile, and able to convey the message."
—Software Development Manager, November 2016

"A comprehensive overview of Scrum and the power it presents to organizations ready to embrace change."
—Business Analyst, November 2016

"Very enjoyable...it helps me understand processes at work much better...it opened up a new chapter for me."
—Project Leader, November 2016

"(The instructor) implemented guidelines on timing just as it would be required by a Scrum Master. He provided evidence as well as clear and concise examples for the team, and was available to answer questions effectively. He is personable and made me feel comfortable in the class."
—Senior QA - November 2016

"The CSM course provides...practical tools to allow you to apply them instantly to your daily work environment. M- is incredibly helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. The course is excellent for both technical and non-technical people."
—HR Manager, October 2016

"The course was great and engaging! I am extremely excited and confident I can utilize my new knowledge and tools on future projects. Thanks!"
—Banking Advisor, October 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed these 2 days. The skills I picked up will last my entire career..."
—Software Engineer, October 2016

"This was one of the best certification courses I have ever taken. Engagement of all attendees was amazing."
—Manager, October 2016

"The wealth of information provided in this course, along with tools and techniques to validate and advocate its use, is an essential piece to ramping up and using Agile effectively."
—ScrumMaster, October 2016

"Great interactive learning at its best!"
—Project Manager, October 2016

"A multitude of excellent methods were used to ensure the group understood all topics discussed. Instructor was one of the best I ever had."
—Business Systems Analyst Specialist, October 2016

"Canadian banking is changing and so are technical development and business needs. This course presents a faster, better way to implement."
—Testing Centre of Excellence, October 2016

"I have taken a number of courses with different service providers. This was by far the best course and instructor. A lot of information was covered in the course yet it did not feel overwhelming based upon the structure of the two days."
—President, October 2016

"Awesome training. Must have."
—Scrum Master, October 2016

"The course was just like a real life activity - I got a good visual understanding of the processes...and values which are respect, focus, commitment and courage."
—Business Analyst, October 2016

"Great course with engaging topics and teachers! Time flew and I learned a ton."
— Senior Project Manager, September 2016

"Informative and knowledgeable - great insight into Scrum left me with a deeper understanding."
— Senior Project Lead, September 2016

"Having been working on an Agile team for the last 10 months, it was beneficial to learn in detail the role of the CSM."
— Product Owner, September 2016

"Came into this experience not knowing much about Agile and Scrum. This course will be valuable immediately at my work place."
— Senior Project Manager - September 2016

"Best practices that can be put to real use - and realize real value."
— Owner - September 2016

"The seminar was exceptional. The delivery was impeccable...It was an incredible learning opportunity for me (and) I am anxious to learn more!"
— President - August 2016

"...one of the best courses I have attended. I like how the class was organized and kept on time, as well as the delivery method."
— Senior Manager Global Immigration - August 2016

"This is the only course I have ever taken where I was sorry when it was over!"
— PMO Manager - August 2016

"The training gave me the hope that we can work in more efficient ways, increase productivity, etc. I am excited to apply it in reality."
— Educator - August 2016

"Scrum is great for any company and the instructors are very knowledgeable of the topic and did a great job delivering scrum."
— Director of Business Accelerator (Saudi Arabia) - August 2016

"Great course. (The facilitators) were awesome and really care about Scrum."
— Scrum Master - August 2016

"BERTEIG Scrum Master training...was time well spent. Even though I have practiced as a scrum master for a few years, I picked up a lot of great insight and techniques."
— Scrum Master - August 2016

"This Scrum Master seminar has enabled me to overcome some long held biases about team management...(and) to facilitate and trust an empowered team."
— Operations Management Co-Owner - August 2016

"I enjoyed the course and the instructor's style as well. He managed to bring the message about the need and value of change that we are going through."
— Project Manager - August 2016

"I did a lot of online training and took an online scrum master course with the International Scrum Institute and wrote the exam. THIS course was the best."
— Project Manager - August 2016

"This course made me step out of my comfort zone...it made me more confident to speak up in the self-organization process to best utilize my skills to benefit the team."
— Project Coordinator - August 2016

"Very informative and now I'm able to provide new techniques to improve my scrum team."
— Scrum Master - August 2016

"Great interactive course. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Scrum."
— Owner - August 2016

"Amazing course. Shines a light on what Scrum is. Great instructors!"
— Senior Business Analyst - August 2016

"Great, engaging instructor; valuable information on scrum and the scrum master role."
— Associate Project Manager - August 2016

"The learning activities and discussions were very practical. All of it was extremely relevant and valuable."
— Senior Project Manager - August 2016

"For sure the best I have attended so far. Thoroughly enjoyed all discussion and (the trainer) did not avoid any questions. He had discussions, recommended approach and guidance to handle a situation."
— Senior Consultant for Agile Transformation - July 2016

"This was the best learning I have encountered."
— Senior Systems Analyst - July 2016

"Overall motivating and empowering course!"
— Business Manager - July 2016

"This course has been most beneficial for me...I spent quality time listening and thinking about problems with Agile practice in the real world."
— Software Developer - July 2016

"This training program helped me understand more about the scrum framework and gave me the confidence to progress to a new role in the agile world."
— Project Manager - July 2016

"Great!...very interesting and thought-provoking."
— Director - July 2016

"Informational and educational. Debunked myths related to working Agile."
— IT Project Manager - July 2016

"I loved the format! I was fully engaged the entire time."
— Consultant - June 2016

"The instructor was knowledgeable and professional."
— Scrum Master/ Agile Coach - June 2016

"This was the best corporate training I've attended."
— Project Manager - June 2016

"Very clear instruction that gave me a great understanding of SCRUM with a very knowledgeable instructor, and confidence that I was performing my job correctly."
— Scrum Coach - June 2016

"I really enjoyed the training. It was dynamic, and the concepts presented kept me engaged at all times."
— Senior Manager - June 2016

"Great course - met and exceeded my expectations - very happy to have decided to take the course."
— Project Manager - June 2016

" BERTEIG's course is informative, interactive, and engaging. Most fun I have had on a training in years."
— Principal - June 2016

"The most important 2 days of my 29 year career in IT as it has prepared me for a new 15 year career ahead."
— Scrum Master - June 2016

"This was an amazing experience, that I hope most businesses incorporate. It involves getting down to the bare necessities of project management and really getting to the core of a high functioning team through emotional intelligence and cross-functional leadership."
— Business Analyst/ UX Designer - June 2016

"Best course I've taken by far!"
— Project Manager - June 2016

"Excellent delivery of SCRUM. Lots of concepts cleared. Will recommend to others."
— Project Specialist Lead/ Manager - June 2016

"I had zero experience and did no research intentionally. All of the exercises allowed me to understand the framework in-depth. Great instructors."
— Manager - June 2016

"The teachers of this course are obviously passionate and knowledgeable about Scrum."
— Senior Software Developer - June 2016

"Extremely interesting topics, hands on, no slides, excellent facilitators. This has been a great experience - I hope to be able to do Scrum."
— Project Methodology Specialist - June 2016

"I haven't even left yet and I've already recommended this course to friends. (It) had me relaxed within the first few minutes...I'd jump at the opportunity to learn from (BERTEIG) again."
— Senior Project Manager - May 2016

"This is an extremely valuable course that not only teaches the concepts and tools, but it also enables introspection and to bring about personal development."
— Account Executive - May 2016

"A mature ScrumMaster course with some real world examples that allows you an understanding of the Scrum framework and process execution in single teams."
— Transition Leader - May 2016

"This course helped me shape...a very independent perspective on Scrum and the possible value it could bring to my workplace, as well as for my career development."
— Business Systems Analyst, May 2016

"I saw projects transforming to products and resources to people."
— Director - May 2016

"Instructor made the hours go by like minutes. Solid understanding of the material and great job keeping us on track!"
— Manager - May 2016

"Great course. (I'm) Planning to start adapting methodology in my workplace as much as possible."
— Project Manager - May 2016

"Highly recommended!!!"
— Project Coordinator - May 2016

"The simulation and the format of the training forces you to experience real life challenges and to solve problems."
— Scrum Master - May 2016

"One of the best training I have been to."
— Scrum Master - May 2016

"Teaching using the framework as a learning model truly helps in retaining the learning. I found the discussions...very thought-provoking and they will aid me as I continue to implement (and evangelize) Scrum and Agile."
— Manager and Product Owner - May 2016

"Excellent course, engaging, fun and relevant for today's development teams."
— Sole Proprietor - May 2016

"I attended other scrum master training before. I learned much more in this class."
— Manager Software Engineering - May 2016

"The 2-day class was quite active the entire time with excellent time-boxed activities."
— Director/ Owner - May 2016

"I am completely enthusiastic about applying (Scrum) more than any other methodology."
— Senior Project Manager - May 2016

"Very meaty - lots of relevant content...so I really feel that I got my money's worth."
— Project Manager - May 2016

" Very informative and interactive course that has helped me better understand Scrum."
— Bank Manager - April 2016

" Highly knowledgable instructors who respond to questions and provide valuable insight and experiences within the ScrumMaster world."
—- Team Lead Developer - April 2016

"The past two days have been packed full with incredibly valuable information for me and my team. I can't wait to bring this back to the office to start implementing!"
— Project Manager - April 2016

"My company has switched to Agile in the last year and this course has helped me tie in all the unknowns about Agile."
— Project Coordinator - April 2016

"A great experience from a leader in Agile/ Scrum management."
— Project Leader - April 2016

"Excellent course for both new and experienced Scrum practitioners."
— ScrumMaster - April 2016

"(This) motivates me to get back on Scrum projects rather than managing projects using Waterfall methodology. Excellent course."
— Director - April 2016

"Well-informed instructor. I enjoyed the different methods that were taught because I can use them directly with my team."
— ScrumMaster - April 2016

"The best-organized and delivered training. It exceeded my expectations."
— Project Manager - April 2016

"This training session was exceptional. Coming from someone who has been struggling to get by and set up a meaningful, valuable process at my company, this was invaluable."
— Project Control Officer - March 2016

"I have had PMP training in the past but I feel this is way more engaging and provides a lot better perspective."
— Senior Process Improvement Analyst - March 2016

"Excellent course with practical advice from someone who has been in the trenches."
— Process Specialist - March 2016

"It was amazing to observe the team dynamic during the sprints and the quality product the team was able to deliver in such a short time."
— Project Manager - March 2016

"Very engaging. I enjoyed and appreciated the strength/ knowledge of the instructor, including willingness to dive deeper into topics that will help participants better understand Scrum."
— Project Manager - March 2016

"The instructors did a great job at breaking down barriers, myths, misconceptions, and realities of Scrum. A safe learning environment was created to achieve results."
— Partner - March 2016

"The instructors were absolutely amazing and I would recommend this to anyone in this field in an instant."
— ScrumMaster - March 2016

"The setting of this training's amazed me on how - in a short period of time - complete strangers become partners towards delivering a common goal."
— Senior IT Project Manager - March 2016

"Excellent course that is engaging and enables a working understanding of the scrum principles and methodologies for adapting in the work environment."
— President and Consultant - March 2016

"I feel empowered to become a greater agent of change in my organization."
— Senior Software Engineer - March 2016

"This course was definitely eye-opening to the many improvements that could be made in a large number of organizations to improve employee happiness and productivity! I highly recommend this program to my colleagues and friends!"
— Business Analyst - March 2016

"This course exceeded my expectations. I came without Scrum experience and learned tons of practical knowledge!"
— Project Administrator - March 2016

"The BERTEIG CSM course was far superior to my previous CSM course. This course focused on actually doing Scrum, and didn't get bogged down in theory and jargon."
— VP Production - March 2016

"This course is an excellent start...I had a pretty good grasp on Agile, but there was plenty to learn."
— Software Developer - March 2016

"BERTEIG's CSM training is relevant, informative and inspiring."
— Manager, IT Services - February 2016

"Far exceeded my expectations for a 2-day course. I feel like I'm walking away with a different mindset."
— Project Leader - February 2016

"An excellent hands-on approach to the key elements of Scrum practice. Highly recommended!"
— Associate Director - February 2016

"Excellent quality instruction that far exceeded expectations. BERTEIG's course is an excellent choice when embarking into the world of agile."
— Director, Enterprise IT Risk Management - January 2016

"We were able to learn interactively instead of just sitting in the course talking about theory...(I) recommend for beginners to seasoned agile members."
— Senior Consultant - January 2016

"The combination of theory and participation worked well. Valuable course for both those new to Scrum Methodology or those familiar with Scrum."
— Scrum Master - January 2016

"I recommend this course to my leadership peers so that we can bring change in the organization."
— Director of Technology - January 2016

"Opened my mind to the new purpose and new options on how to reframe the team to be a Scrum team."
— Owner - January 2016

"The course was well presented and laid the foundation to help me to affect change with my organization."
— Project Manager - January 2016

"I already recommended another co-worker to register for the next course before mine had ended!"
— Senior Manager - December 2015

"...the trainer is very passionate about the topic and not just delivering information. I enjoyed the relevant and interesting team discussions and exercises throughout."
— Project Manager - December 2015

"Great 2-day learning; bold and forward-thinking on how to get work done while keeping trust and relationships at top priority."
— Manager - December 2015

"Engaging course...I finished it with a solid understanding of the Scrum framework and the ScrumMaster role that I can use at work immediately."
— Senior Program Manager - December 2015

"The course was professional, on topic and performed flawlessly. In-class work was relevant and helped drive home concepts."
— Company Founder - November 2015

"A unique way of tutoring...No questions are left unanswered."
— Manager - November 2015

"Excellent format. Great exercises. Highly recommend."
— VP - October 2015

"Would absolutely recommend for those starting out with Agile - very good basics and theories with real-world examples."
— PM - October 2015

"This course has given me the level of confidence required to explain and discuss Scrum within my organization and join a selective team of Agile practitioners."
— PM - October 2015

"A two-day interactive course to not only help you become a Certified ScrumMaster, but also to understand HOW and WHY to be an Agile project organization."
— Project Manager - October 2015

"Great course, talented lecturer. Exceeded all expectations. Will recommend to colleagues."
— Developer - October 2015

"Best Agile training - clear concepts!"
— Director/ Owner - October 2015

"This course made me understand the true meaning of Scrum and Agile, and not the modified version we use..."
— QA Team Lead - October 2015

"This very helpful course will change the mindset and conventional way of delivering projects."
— Delivery Manager - September 2015

"This is a great course to understand/ master the core values and principles of Agile, not just how to run the Scrum process."
— Agile Developer - September 2015

"Embracing change made easy with a 'how to' framework...bridges theory to practice. Great course!"
— Risk Analyst - August 2015

"Presentation was first-class and provided all the goals I hoped for."
— President - August 2015

"I found the interactive nature of this course to be engaging, challenging and ultimately rewarding. It stretched my thinking and I believe it will help my organization."
— Superintendent of a District School Board - August 2015

"ScrumMaster training allows you to manage product development in a more sane process - brings definite order to chaos."
— Sr. Software Developer - August 2015

"Excellent course! A wealth of information delivered in a very comprehensive manner. Highly recommended."
— -Manager - August 2015

"This course was truly amazing, offering a deep understanding of the ScrumMaster's roles."
— ScrumMaster - July 2015

"Great course! I'm confident I can explain Scrum to anyone and win them over to this methodology/ process."
— Project Manager - July 2015

"A+ course! The instructor's knowledge of the subject was reflected through exercises and simulations that can easily be translated and applied to the workplace."
— Software Development Manager - June 2015

"Excellent course...I would recommend it as a refresher for teams that started Agile transformation to re-enforce the ideas again."
— IT Lead - June 2015

"I would highly recommend [instructor] for training as he is an excellent facilitator and able to adapt to many work environments/ situations."
— Owner - June 2015

"The ScrumMaster certification has given me the tools...to empower my team to be high performing, using real-world example and practical techniques while covering the fundamentals."
— Scrum Master - June 2015

"Highly recommended. You can be a confident Scrum Master after attending the two-day session."
— CEO - May 2015

"Great course, hands-on material - there is no substitute!"
— Project Manager - May 2015

"Great demonstration and application of a high-performance team structure, while delivering the value a ScrumMaster brings to any project team."
— Product Manager - May 2015

"Best in training! Definitely recommend this to my colleagues."
— OA Leader - May 2015

"The course was great. I think it would be great to roll it out to an entire team!"
— Manager - April 2015

"Fantastic, empowering course!"
— Consultant - March 2015

"BERTEIG's courses are worth far more in potential business improvement than their cost would suggest. Even small businesses should consider examining their processes through Scrums' lenses."
— CEO - March 2015

"This course should definitely be taken by our VP's, Directors, and Team Managers!"
—- PMO Manager - March 2015

"An informative, well-structured, high energy walkthrough of the Scrum framework. Inspiring."
— Delivery Manager - February 2015

"Perfect course, perfect trainer."
— Project Manager

"Great course! Very interactive without being overwhelming!"
— ScrumMaster - February 2015

"I've been to many project management courses and this is by far the best."
— Project Manager


About Your Instructors

Mishkin's Portrait

Mishkin Berteig

Canada's Best Known & Longest-Standing Certified Scrum Trainer®

Mishkin Berteig leads, mentors, trains and coaches teams and organizations, managers and executives. Mishkin helps organizations become more effective by using methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, OpenAgile® and Lean. These methods present the best balance between chaos and bureaucracy; they allow human creativity and problem-solving to flourish in the service of tangible corporate and organizational goals.

Mishkin has over 15 years of professional experience with Agile methods. Mishkin publishes articles and thoughts about agile on Agile Advice. Mishkin has trained people from Canada, the United States, India, China, the Middle East and Europe. Mishkin Berteig is President and co-founder of BERTEIG.

David's Portrait

David Sabine

Scrum Trainer, Product Developer, Dad, Musician, TEDx Speaker

David Sabine has more than 15 years' "in-the-trenches" experience using methods like Scrum, Rapid Application Development, OpenAgile®, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Extreme Programming.

David help organizations disassemble bureaucracy and decentralize decision-making so talented staff can deliver greater value to their customers and users. He works with people to help them discover the balance among vision, direction, and execution.

David's career highlights the intersections of business, technology, education & innovation. David joined the team at BERTEIG in 2015 and has quickly become one of Canada's most sought-after Scrum Trainer.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Remove obstacles that prevent teams from achieving high-performance.
  • Enable a team to follow the Scrum process to deliver great products and continuously improve their quality.
  • Describe Scrum to others including roles, meetings, artifacts & principles.
  • Identify the environments in which the application of Scrum would lead to excellent results.
  • Describe how the Scrum Framework is based on empirical process.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Certified ScrumMaster® program.


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. In-Depth Simulation
    • About Product Vision
    • First Sprint
    • Retrospective
    • About Sprint Backlog
    • Product Backlog Items
    • Tasks
    • Sprint Two
    • Retrospective
    • Estimation
    • Calculating ROI
    • Prioritization
    • Velocity & Release Planning
    • Burndown Charts
    • Sprint Three
    • Retrospective
  3. Scrum Framework Overview
    • The Scrum Process
    • Rules of Scrum
    • Improving Quality
    • Scrum Is/Is Not
    • Scrum Team vs. Not Scrum Team
    • Definition of “Done”
  4. The ScrumMaster Role
    • Qualities of a ScrumMaster
    • Removing Obstacles
    • Mapping the ScrumMaster Role to Traditional Roles
  5. Graduation
    • What Did You Learn?
    • Certification
    • Feedback Forms

Additional Benefits

Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice". In addition, everyone gets 1 other book of their choice from our list of recommended reading. You will choose a book at the end of the course. We offer free books because we encourage continuous learning!

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider


As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI as "Technical Education" PDUs | Details at CCRS.PMI.org.

This course is ideal for those who desire to create high-performance product development teams. Team leads, project managers and functional or line managers all can benefit from understanding Scrum's amazing transformational power and the critical role of the ScrumMaster.
City Start Datesort descending Price
Toronto, Ontario 2018/09/29 $1,395.00 Register Now
Toronto, Ontario 2018/10/16 $1,395.00 Register Now
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