Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Product Owner role is the most difficult in Scrum to do well. This Learning Event solves that problem by giving you real practical techniques that you can apply immediately! Counts as 14 PDU's.
Learning Objective(s): 

By successfully completing this Learning Event you will be able to:

  1. Create a Product Backlog that puts business priorities first.
  2. Work with a team to enable business and technical innovation.
  3. Leverage the business benefits of Scrum to maximize ROI.
  4. Fulfill the requirements of the Certified Scrum Product Owner program

Ideal for those who want to create:

  1. products and projects that maximize ROI
  2. exceptional quality products that delight customers
  3. a culture of continuous growth and capacity-building for individuals and teams
  4. dramatically reduced time-to-market ultra-efficient work processes.

Five Reasons Why Mishkin Berteig's Certified Scrum Product Owner is the Best:

  1. Training and experience in Scrum since 2004
  2. The premier Canadian Agile organization
  3. Free access to electronic class materials including all future updates
  4. Excellent hands-on training: focus on participant simulations and discussions, no slides
  5. Mishkin integrates truthfulness into his training to develop a strong foundation for the participants

Berteig is a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider and Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider. As such we are able to offer trainers and training programs approved by the Scrum and Alliance and Project Management Institute.

Praise for our Certified Scrum Product Owner Training:

"The best training ever! The theory and practices of Scrum were understood through open discussions, plenty of case studies, real scenarios; playing innovation games made learning easier." - Project Manager - November 2015

"I've never felt so full of useful information and strategies that I've been so excited to implement." - Development Manager - October 2015

"Very practical, and distills complex concepts into simple and easy to understand ideas." - Senior Manager - October 2015

"The class taught me how to not only be a PO, but also how to interact with the larger business to help promote Scrum and Agile thinking." - Director of Engineering - September 2015

"Extremely useful, professional, knowledgeable. I will be taking these methods to my team." - Sr. Software Engineer - September 2015

"Great course! Great opportunity to step back and reflect on what we're doing well and where we can apply more focus to become more Agile." - Owner and Product Manager - September 2015

" ...very interactive and practical...I learned the PO role, responsibilities, and techniques." - Senior BSA - September 2015

"10 out of 10. Mishkin knows his stuff! I learnt a lot during this training that will definitely allow me to make the team process more efficient." - Product Owner - August 2015

" I would definitely recommend BERTEIG for the Product Owner certification training (and other programs offered) for their professionalism!" - Chief Projects Officer - August 2015

"The Agile Scrum method has generally simple contexts, but truly and undisputedly understanding their definitions and boundaries was possible in this course." - Product Manager - August 2015

" Mr. Berteig delivers a good blend of practical and philosophical." - Product Owner - August 2015

"This is a great course for anyone who is either already in the PO role or looking to become a PO in the future. It provides all the necessary knowledge and techniques you can apply." - Product Owner - August 2015

"I recommend this eye-opening course to fledgling PO's, Agile adopters and PM's alike." - Solution Analyst - August 2015

"I found this course beneficial and inspiring." - Product Manager - August 2015

"Very professional and experienced! Would recommend." - Owner - August 2015

"Excellent course - engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. I am certain I can now function as a strong Product Owner." - Manager - July 2015

"I was skeptical about how much I would take away from the seminar, but now I would highly recommend Mishkin as a trainer: no reservations!" Product Manager - July 2015

"Mishkin is a fantastic instructor who presents the material in an accessible manner that allows the class to be very involved - great work!" - Product Owner - June 2015

"A must-do course for any newly assigned Product Owner." - LBA - June 2015

"I will highly recommend this course not only for PO's but for all Scrum Team members to ensure clarity of roles." - Manager & PO - June 2015

"A course every stakeholder and manager (of all varieties) must take." - Architect - May 2015

"Superb course with insight on the role of a PO; great for people new to the role." - QA Manager - May 2015

"The course successfully teaches participants the foundational skills to execute Scrum, as well as the reasons why it will probably work!" - Product Owner - May 2015

"Mishkin's command of the material is top-notch." - ScrumMaster - April 2015

"This course is a must-have for any person who works in project management and cares about achieving outstanding results for their customers." - Project Manager - February 2015

"This course is exceptionally laid out (for) individuals both new and already exposed to Agile/ Scrum, with a great balance of instructional and hands-on content." - Business Analyst - March 2015

  1. Introductions
    • Facilitation: Welcome and Introductions (Sign-up Sheet, Name Tent Cards
    • Lecture: Classroom Expectations
    • Handout: Needs Assessment
    • Exercise: Generating Questions
  2. Agile and the Scrum Process
    • Lecture: History of Agile
    • Handout: The Agile Manifesto
    • Exercise: Agile at Your Organization
    • Discussion: Agile Culture and Mindset
    • Lecture: Agile and the Enterprise (SAFe, DAD, RAP and LeSS)
    • Handout: The Scrum Process
    • Lecture: The Scrum Process
    • Exercise: Explaining Scrum
    • Lecture: What is Scrum? High Performance Teams
    • Exercise: Scrum and the Product Owner (Scrum Meetings)
    • Handout: The Defnition of “Done”
    • Lecture: The Defnition of “Done”
    • Lecture: Quality and Agile Engineering
  3. The Product Owner Role
    • Lecture: Review of the Product Owner Role
    • Exercise: The Product Owner and Stakeholders
    • Exercise: The Product Owner and the Team
    • Discussion: Truthfulness and the Product Owner
    • Exercise: Qualities of a Product Owner
    • Discussion: Review of the Product Owner Role
    • Handout: The Product Owner – Self-Evaluation
    • Exercise: The Product Owner – Self-Evaluation
    • Discussion: Clarifications
    • Exercise: Mapping the Product Owner Role to Traditional Roles
    • Discussion: Review of the Mapping
  4. In-Depth Simulation Exercise
    • Lecture: Simulation Overview, Backlog Preparation and Refinement
    • Discussion: Choosing a Product for the Simulation
    • Part 1: Product Vision
      • Lecture: Innovation Games – Product Box
      • Exercise: Building Your Product
      • Exercise: Presenting Your Product
      • Discussion: Debrief
    • Part 2:Product Users
      • Lecture: User Categories
      • Exercise: Identifying Users
      • Lecture: Personas, Usability and Empathy
    • Part 3: User Stories
      • Handout: user Stories and Splitting
      • Lecture: Writing Effective User Stories
      • Exercise: Create User Stories
      • Discussion: Review User Stories
      • Lecture: Splitting User Stories
      • Exercise: Split Some
      • Discussion: Review Splitting
    • Part 4: Estimation and Financial Modelling
      • Lecture: Effort, Value and ROI
      • Handout: The Bucket System
      • Lecture: The Bucket System
      • Exercise: Estimating Business Value
      • Discussion: Debrief the Bucket System
      • Handout: The Planning Game
      • Lecture: The Planning Game
      • Exercise: Estimating Effort
      • Discussion: Debrief the Planning Game
      • Handout: Methods of Ordering the Product Backlog
      • Lecture: Ordering a Product Backlog
      • Exercise: Calculating ROI and Ordering
    • Lecture: Simulation Wrap-Up - Where Does this Fit?
  5. Advanced Topics (Depending on Time)
    • Scaling and Dependencies
    • Product Owner Pitfalls
    • Kano Analysis
    • Open Q&A
  6. Wrap-Up
    • What Did You Learn?
    • Planning Game Cards
    • Feedback Forms, Next Steps
This course is designed for those who care about the business success of their products and projects: product managers, project managers, business unit leaders and business analysts. Some basic knowledge of Scrum is recommended prior to attending this Learning Event.