Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Product Owner role is the most difficult in Scrum to do well. This Learning Event solves that problem by giving you real practical techniques that you can apply immediately!
Learning Objective(s): 

Create a Product Backlog that allows your Scrum team to start delivering value quickly.

Training by Mishkin Berteig, the premier and highly praised Certified Scrum Trainer in Ontario!

Five Reasons Why Mishkin Berteig's Certified Scrum Product Owner is the Best:

  1. Training and experience in Scrum since 2004
  2. The premier Canadian Agile organization
  3. Free access to electronic class materials including all future updates
  4. Excellent hands-on training: focus on participant simulations and discussions, no slides
  5. Mishkin integrates truthfulness into his training to develop a strong foundation for the participants

  1. Introductions
  2. Agile and the Scrum Process
    1. The Agile Manifesto
    2. Agile Culture and Mindset
    3. The Scrum Process
    4. Scrum and the Product Owner
    5. The Definition of "Done"
  3. The Product Owner Role
    1. The Vendor-Client Relationship
    2. Truthfulness and the Product Owner
    3. Qualities of a Product Owner
    4. Self-Evaluation
    5. Mapping to Traditional Roles
    6. The Product Owner and the Team
  4. The Product Backlog
    1. What is Your Product?
    2. Determining Value
    3. What is a PBI?
    4. Assessing your Product Backlog
  5. Scaling and Dependencies
    1. Scaling
    2. Types of Dependencies
    3. Dealing with Dependencies
    4. Reprise: The Definition of "Done"
  6. Product and Project Planning
    1. User Stories
    2. Splitting Stories
    3. Estimating Value
    4. Estimating Cost
    5. Burndown Charts, Planning and Commitment
  7. Financial Modelling
    1. Value Prioritization Techniques
    2. Kano Analysis
    3. Financial Modeling Exercise
  8. Product Owner Pitfalls
  9. Q&A
  10. Graduation
This course is designed for those who care about the business success of their products and projects: product managers, project managers, business unit leaders and business analysts. Some basic knowledge of Scrum is recommended prior to attending this Learning Event.