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Certified Scrum Product Owner

CSPO Badge

This 2-day course provides the foundations to be an effective Product Owner. Achieve Certified Scrum Product Owner® designation with Scrum Alliance® by successfully completing this course.

  • 16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®
  • 2 free books, estimation cards, and more
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI
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Feedback for the BERTEIG Certified Scrum Product Owner® Training

“The Certified Scrum Product Owner training facilitated by Berteig has provided me with the introductory tools and knowledge to apply Scrum techniques in my everyday decision making processes at work. I am excited to start applying aspects of this framework to my in-flight projects and continue to build on these capabilities.”
— Senior Analyst - August 2018

“Really liked the course. Being new to agile, I learned a lot from this course.”
— Business Consultant - August 2018

“Great course, Mishkin really got people engaged and buying into the agile methodology.”
— Business Systems Analyst - August 2018

“I (had) taken an introductory course and was still not clear on this framework. Now I have a much better understanding and also understand the role of Product Owner.”
— Senior Manager - August 2018

“The course was very informative and the activities simulated could be used in any Scrum team.”
— Business Analyst - August 2018

“Great course.”
— Director, R&D - August 2018

“This course is a good learning experience and provides an excellent introduction to Product Ownership.”
— Product Manager - August 2018

“I have taken CSM from another firm. I cannot compare the both but I like this most.”
— Scrum Master - August 2018

“This course was the best course I have ever taken! Working within a large organization, I appreciate the agile methodologies taught.”
— Creative Director - June 2018

“Excellent Course. A must for every professional working or aspiring to work in Agile.”
— Project Manager - June 2018

“The CSPO two day training with Mishkin and David from Bertieg was a great course for understanding the basic concepts of Agile and Scrum as well as understanding the frame work of a scrum team and the role of Product Owner within the team. I can confidently recommend it to anyone who is new to these concepts and might be either getting ready to work within the framework or to go to higher levels of training afterward.”
— CX Design Strategist - June 2018

“Great interactive course, really helped me understand what a truly Agile work environment is!”
— Product Manager - June 2018

“Fantastic detail for the Product Owner role!”
— Delivery Manager - June 2018

“Great presentation skills! Loved your honesty and great organization. This was an incredibly effective use of two days.”
— Agile Marketing Director - June 2018

“GREAT course, full of energy, I learned a lot!”
— Senior QA Test Coordinator - June 2018

“Mishkin did a great job of explaining the course material in a very simplistic way so that it is easy to understand and relate to.”
—  Senior Product Manager - June 2018

“An amazing breadth and depth of material covered in 2 days.  Highly recommended.”
— Product Owner - June 2018

“I loved the hands on experience, and the discussions led to actionable insights.”
— Scrum Master and Product Owner - June 2018

“Extremely enlightening and would be interested in further development after the next stage of our project.”
— Manager - June 2018

“Mishkin and David are really good and try to answer almost all questions we have. Would have liked a smaller team so there would be more attention. But overall I really was enlightened.”
— N/A - June 2018

“Great knowledge transfer from experienced trainers always encourage an individual to learn more.”
—  Senior Business Analyst - June 2018

“The course offers a packed couple of days that serve as a valuable deep dive into the Product Owner role facilitated by engaging experts. I will be recommending this to my colleagues.”
— Design Strategist - May 2018

“This course was incredible. Jerry delivered the material in a way that was clear and easy to follow, and the ability to ask questions at any time was helpful. There was a great balance between lectures and interactive "see how this works for a real product" activities. I found both days to be engaging, and would highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in a product.”
— Project Coordinator - May 2018

“The course was very engaging with deep insights to the roles and responsibilities of a PO. The mix of interaction and hands on exercise gave us a good understanding of various functions that a PO needs to master to be an efficient PO.”
— Consultant - May 2018

“Excellent and informative course given by top-notch instructors in a fun-filled format. Highly recommended to all.”
— Senior Manager, Consulting - May 2018

“I enjoyed the course. The instructors were knowledgeable and articulate. Explanation of the scrum methodology by the instructors was clear and effective.”
— Senior Consultant - May 2018

“The Certified Scrum Product Owner course provided by Berteig was excellent. The course was rich in content, and the delivery allowed for discussion, interaction and networking. Highly recommended.”
—Product Manager - May 2018

“Jerry Doucett deserves all the praise he gets. I highly recommend him as an instructor after attending his Certified Scrum Product Owner ® two-day course.”
— Product Analyst - May 2018

“Jerry and Mishkin were insightful and fun. They demonstrated a breath of knowledge and expertise using Agile/Scrum while making concepts concepts easy to understand and digestible.”
— Senior Product Manager - May 2018

“Learning about being an effective Scrum Master in most courses is theory based. The hands on practical example and exercises really helped to understand and solidify what a good Scrum Master should be doing and how it can be applied to projects and product management. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for hands on exercises as a Scrum Master while still getting the theory to go along with it.”
— Associate Director - May 2018

“Excellent training provided. Excellent control of conducting the training and the class students, and very responsive to questions.”
— Owner - April 2018

“If your organization says 'We're going agile', and you don't know what that means... THIS is the course you want to take!!!”
— Delivery Lead - April 2018

“Very well done and informative. For me, it help me to understand Scrum much, much better, but left me concerned regarding where I sit. But at least I feel that I know 'what' I am asking now of my colleagues.”
— Manager L&D - April 2018

“There were many eye-opening A-Ha moments - I walked away with many real world lessons about SCRUM in practice. Thanks!”
— Program Manager - April 2018

“I recommend this course. Scrum has changed my thought process in prioritizing, collaborating and getting things done. Lot's of group activities and interaction to apply some of the concepts in practice, which is great.”
— Consultant - April 2018

“Very crisp material and professionally driven.”
— FX Specialist - April 2018

“Great course. It was very interactive, not boring and fully packed with very valuable information. I recommend it.”
— Business Analyst - April 2018

“This course will help you get your head round 'that whole Agile thing'.”
— Lead BA - April 2018

“An excellent seminar allowing Product Owner practitioners from a cross section of industries to apply SCRUM principles and values in a collaborative learning environment.”
—  Analyst – March 2018

“Mishkin is no doubt the best trainer in Canada in the Agile sphere.”
— Scrum Master – March 2018

“The course provided a very good overview of the product owner role. The facilitator is very passionate about scrum.”
— Delivery Planning SME – March 2018

“Worth your time!”
— Senior Consultant – March 2018

“Strong facilitator, useful course for new product development.”
— Market and Pricing Specialist - March 2018

“Excessive focus on timeliness. Too much emphasis on class questions to guide dialog.”
— Senior Director IT - March 2018

“I appreciated the transparency around Scrum not necessarily being the tool for every job. With that being said, both Scrum and non-Scrum product owner related content was extremely helpful, clarifying, and largely useful even in a non-Scrum friendly organization.”
— Senior Programmer Analyst - March 2018

“Great course - great feedback from my teams.”
— CTO - March 2018

“A worthwhile investment on how to become an effective Product Owner.”
— Strategy Manager - February 2018

“Great experience, interesting stories and useful activities.”
— Senior Product Manager - February 2018

“If you would like to be a successful Scrum Product Owner at your organization, I will recommend you to take the Certified Scrum Product Owner course from Berteig! Knowledgeable instructors that will answer your questions to the best of their ability to help you succeed.”
— Product Owner/ Sr. QA Analyst - February 2018

“I wouldn't ever ask students to complete an activity without first going over some of the concepts more thoroughly. For example, we had to pause the metrics activity to clarify what kind of metrics we should be discussing (i.e. not team performance metrics). I think a little more explanation up front might have been useful instead of fragmenting the activity.”
— Product Owner - February 2018

“David was great, good passion and understanding of Scrum Agile.”
— Senior Manager - February 2018

“Really good training of CSPO, trainers really know the material, and it was a great experience taking it, highly recommended.”
— Network Specialist II - February 2018

“I found the pace of the course too slow for my liking. It was a good refresher, especially the diagram of scrum but I didn't learn anything new. The instructor (David) is too rigid in the timebox and could have spent a few more minutes answering class members questions. Mishkin's less rigid approach was more palatable and really helpful.”
— President - February 2018

“The course was pretty generic going through set exercises and handouts. The best parts were when we broke from the agenda.”
— Product Owner - February 2018

“Berteig is the gold standard for agile training.”
— UX Research Specialist - January 2018

“This training has been an eye opener since it addressed a lot of misconceptions about Scrum. Very honest responses which were very appreciated given I am at a very early stage of my PO journey...it was good to discover how flexible scrum is.”
— Product Owner/ Operational Systems - January 2018

“Great instructors. Patient, enthusiastic, approachable yet very organized and firm...They encouraged engagement from the class without making anyone feel put on the spot or awkward.”
— Project Manager - January 2018

“As a former Learning & Development Consultant I genuinely appreciate your approach to facilitating our learning.This is a practical introduction to the P.O. role in scrum with lots of real-world examples. I'll definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”
— Program Analyst for Digital Product - January 2018

“The CSPO training provides tremendous insight into the entire Scrum methodology, and how the PO role fits into the ecosystem. I left the training with a solid understanding of the PO role, responsibilities and priorities.”
— Consultant - December 2017

“There were lots of good group activities to keep the attendees learning and engaged.”
— Owner - December 2017

“Great course for learning about the fundamentals of being a product owner.  Excellent interactive exercises to help you practice the learning and collaborate with your team.  I recommend this course to aspiring and current product owners to learn useful tools and techniques that will improve your team's productivity and focus to deliver a great product for your customers.”
— Senior Business Transformation Consultant - December 2017

“Mishkin was very knowledgeable in the material and was able to gauge the level of prior knowledge and experience existed among participants to adjust the pace of delivery of the material. Good practical examples helped the understanding.”
— Founder and Chairman - December 2017

“What an amazing course provided by a very responsive and knowledgeable instructor!”
— Product Owner - December 2017

“Mishkin was one of the most engaging teachers I have had in a training session in quite some time.  He showed immense knowledge in not only his, but other work management frameworks to show pros and cons of all, and suggest the best for different products.”
— Product Manager - December 2017

“Very useful and well facilitated training. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to provide lots of real-life examples.”
— Leader Business Transformation - December 2017

“In 2 days all the questions I had were answered efficiently and effectively.”
— Senior Manager - December 2017

“Interacting and learning with like-minded professionals was a treat and David's anecdotal insights into how an Agile approach works in practice really enhanced the learning.”
— Director, Business Support - December 2017

“A great facilitator, very knowledgeable in his field, articulate and presented the material very well.”
— IT Manager - December 2017

“A must-have course for anyone in a product development role! The classroom exercise is invaluable!”
— Scrum Master - November 2017

“A really great course. People who have open minds and can embrace this framework will be the agents of change within their organization. The knowledge learned during this course is not only applicable to software development but to all levels of business. To succeed in the ever changing digital world we need to adopt Agile. Those companies who don't will find they will be the followers and not the leaders or game changers.”
— VP Merchant Market Development - November 2017

“The course was amazing. Really opened my eyes to what we were doing wrong at our company.”
— Data Integration Team Lead - November 2017

“The course was very engaging and provided a number of techniques that can be used in the work place. The atmosphere was friendly and trusting and encouraged free discussion of ideas.”
— Product Owner - November 2017

“Great teacher and super informative about CSPO.”
— Manager Business Analyst - November 2017

“Well done, a lot of interaction between 'students' with different backgrounds, and learning using examples. David Sabine was very well prepared.”
— Product Owner - November 2017

“(The trainer's) varying industry knowledge helps to put a number of situations in context. 5 star!”
— Project Manager - October 2017

“Fantastic opportunity to understand "what you know you don't know" and get insight into "what you didn't know you didn't know."”
— Senior Manager, Digital Banking - October 2017

“I love the mix of lecture and simulation. I would definitely recommend this if you're a new PO or looking to become one.”
— Marketing Manager/ Product Owner – October 2017

“Insightful and mind opening course. Mishkin is a true expert on Agile.”
— Director, Online Banking – October 2017

“Very happy with the training. 2 days just flew by in the blink of an eye and got to understand the concept better and how I can take these learnings and apply to my organization.”
— Product Owner - October 2017

“Lots of real-life examples makes the course interesting and well worth taking.”
— Owner - October 2017

“This course thoroughly brings the POs to a stage where they are prepared and equipped for the business and development sides.”
— Senior Software Developer - October 2017

“Best Agile classes! Great instructors and insightful material.”
— Security Remediation Analyst - October 2017

“This is as good a two day course for novice product managers/owners as one will find. A lot of ground is covered and there's a good mix of group work and lecture style. Our instructor is smart and  experienced in SCRUM and Agile. He did demand a lot of us in terms of punctuality and commitment - we went right to the end of day on the Friday of a long weekend. This suggests that maximizing value and learning is something that matters as much to the instructor as it does to the participants, which is not always the case in corporate learning!”
— Senior Product Manager - October 2017

“Great PO training I would recommend to my colleagues.”
— Business Expert – October 2017

“The best way to learn is to participate in the exercises and that was provided in spades.”
— CFO/ Senior Consultant - September 2017

“An eye-opener...and provided me all the tools required to successfully implement an agile work ethos within the company..”
— Product Manager - September 2017

“CSPO training with Berteig is one of the most interactive training sessions that I have been to..”
— Director, Portfolio Consulting - September 2017

“Highly recommended for anyone that aiming for a leadership role in product development..”
— General Manager/ Product Owner - September 2017

“A fun and interactive teaching approach to solve serious, complex and some times sensitive issues..”
— BA/QA - September 2017

“David is engaging, honest, and clearly very experienced. He was able to answer questions with real world examples and situations that really galvanized the concepts clearly.”
— System Engineering Manager - September 2017

“Really enjoyed the Interactive in-class activities. They were helpful to understand the concepts.”
— Methodology Consultant - September 2017

“Awesome course. Cleared up all the misconceptions I had about Scrum. Mishkin was awesome, engaging, and entertaining during the course..”
— Business Insights Analyst - September 2017

“This course has been a great experience - much more hands on and professional than a course, taken before at one of the boot camp schools in Toronto..”
— Product Manager - September 2017

“Well worth attending.”
— Senior Manager EPMO - August 2017

“As my company is transitioning from traditional waterfall methodology to the new Agile methodology, I have learned valuable knowledge in this course. I will recommend it.”
— BA - August 2017

“The content and engagement is what I like the most about these classes.”
— Scrum Master - August 2017

“Dynamic and engaging course.”
—Innovation and CX - August 2017

“ I appreciated the real world examples to solidify the concepts. It was a great two days!!”
— Project Manager - August 2017

“Amazing course! Highly recommended for anyone involved in software development. You get a great set of new skills and tools to implement truly agile methodologies.”
— Founder/ Director of Operations - July 2017

“So happy, and lucky to learn so valuable and applicable knowledge. It is always so clear and exceeds my expectations - real problems, real solutions!”
— Scrum Master - July 2017

“One of the most engaging training I've attended!”
— Product Manager - July 2017

“This course was wonderful - so much in the way of practical insight and techniques - so much value!”
— Chief Operating Manager - July 2017

“Great presenter/instructor. Very informative and knowledgeable in the area.”
— Senior Business Analyst - July 2017

“This course is appropriate for people who had been working in the scrum framework for many years or those who are brand new and everyone in between.”
—  Product Manager - July 2017

“...a knowledgeable and engaged instructor who encourages discussion.”
— Senior Manager - July 2017

“Awesome! I will be back for more great sessions.”
— Scrum Master - July 2017

“I literally dread training...EXCEPT when it comes to this course. I've now taken both the CSM course and the CSPO course through Berteig and I'm already wondering what can I take next?! Hands down the best training out.”
— Product Owner - June 2017

“The course was very strong (with) well prepared material on an impactful topic, led by an engaging, knowledgeable instructor.”
— Head of Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media - June 2017

“The course provides clear and resonating information re Scrum and the Product Owner role. The trainer never flags in his efforts to educate!”
— Team Developer - May 2017

“Very fast way to better understand and practice Scrum and specifically role of Product Owner.”
— Control Systems Manager - May 2017

“This course opened my mind to a new way to approach product development and use new techniques that will help my team and my professional development.”
— Director Program Management - May 2017

“This training gave me a lot of confidence to go back to my org and implement better practices.”
— Program Manager - May 2017

"Instructors are amazing! So welcoming and knowledgeable. They really do care about our success."
— Banking Advisor - April 2017

"A very interactive and intuitive course for both people who are aware of SCRUM and its way or going about achieving product goals for an organization, and also to those who want to help bring about change in their company."
— Developer - April 2017

"The training seminar was educational and relevant. I learned to improve my PO role in the workplace. The team activities were fun and allowed me to better understand the agile process."
—Manager - April 2017

"If you're looking to for techniques and skills on how to be a successful product owner I would highly recommend this course."
— Executive – March 2017

"The core and unwavering belief of quality for the customer was the Aha! moment. It's definitely made me a believer and wanting to learn more."
— Director of Development – March 2017

"(I) Learned lots of new techniques to increase productivity. I would recommend this course to my colleagues."
— Product Owner – March 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learned great methods that I will be able to apply when I get back to the office."
— Manager – March 2017

“The CSPO course offered by Berteig is an excellent introduction to the world of product ownership. It covers a wide variety of topics and ensures that you have the breadth to be able to apply the topics in your day-to-day. Would highly recommend.”
— Product Owner - February 2017

“The team at Berteig does an excellent implementation of this course, and I would recommend it to any product owner looking to learn and improve."
— Development Director - February 2017

"Within 3 weeks of taking it (CSPO), I've already applied knowledge and skills I learned during your course."
—Product Development Manager- February 2017

"Absolutely fantastic. I learned ‘way more than I expected to. The material is 1%, the ability to make it relevant and applicable is the 99% that (the instructor) brings."
—Product Owner - February 2017

"This course was very relevant to my work and helped me understand not only scrum but agile culture better as a whole and my place within it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about what it really means to be a PO."
— Product Owner - February 2017

"It was fabulous to have such a business focus in a delivery world. Loved it!"
— PM/ CSM/ Program Manager - February 2017

"I would recommend this to any Product Owners looking to enhance their knowledge and aspiring Product owners to acquire the relevant knowledge."
—Associate Manager - February 2017

"(The instructor) delivers the class with an incredible breadth of knowledge and understanding in the application of real agile to large organizations. He is able to answer a wide range of questions using real world examples in implementing scrum and it's processes in various environments. Most of all though, he appreciates and cares about all of the participants in his classroom assisting each of them time during and after sessions to think through the implications of a change of culture."
—Software Developer - February 2017

"The course really helps challenge traditional development methods and demonstrate value."
—Capability Owner - January 2017

"I learned a lot of very valuable and essential information and plan to use the course material whenever possible."
—Manager - January 2017

"The Product Owner course was very eye opening and has helped me look at our product in a completely new way."
— Manager - January 2017

"BERTEIG's course was very informative and full of other professionals who drove thoughtful conversations and discussions. This was an extremely valuable use of my very limited time!"
—Product Owner - December 2016

"This training was invaluable as I can take the tools and techniques to improve Agile in my organization."
—Product Owner - December 2016

"Definitely one to attend. Gain an immediate head-start. Will recommend to all who I think could benefit from it."
—General Manager, Digital - November 2016

"This course was excellent for providing techniques to deal with real life scenarios of teams attempting work in Agile..."
—Information Architect - November 2016

"Solid takeaways. Well communicated. Hands-on experience."
— Senior Producer - August 2016

"The course is highly recommended for every dynamic development team facing real world challenges."
— Director, Product Management - August 2016

"The CSPO training course provided a great venue for refreshing learning and experienced ideas and methods, in addition to adding new tools to my toolkit."
— Founder - August 2016

"Fantastic approach to managing conflicting priorities."
—Scrum Master and Project Manager, October 2016

"Non-product-owners should also attend this course!"
— Product Owner - August 2016

"This course grounded me in understanding how to focus efforts around breaking down my product development based on our vision and team capabilities."
— VP Operations - August 2016

"...provides real life examples and addresses questions in a way that not only teach you what you need but provoke further reflection."
—Program Manager, December 2016

"Content is immediately impactful..."
—Manager, December 2016

"The course is in-depth and interesting. I'll leverage this in my day-to-day work."
—Product Manager, December 2016

"Really helped me to understand the bad habits that can leak in from waterfall methods."
—Senior Manager Business Transformation, December 2016

"Great great course! Recommend it to everyone."
—Consultant, December 2016

"The CSPO course has given me enough knowledge to get the true Agile conversation started in my organization."
—Product Manager, October 2016

"(The instructor) explains the manifesto in a way that is easy to follow and stand behind as a powerful disruptive set of principles. The course includes an easy-to-implement set of tools as part of a two-day simulation."
—Creative Director, October 2016

"This course came highly recommended but I still found it completely exceeded my expectations."
—Product Owner, October 2016

"Great course. I will definitely recommend BERTEIG for future courses."
— Business Analyst, October 2016

"I found this course to be very relevant given the transformation my organization is currently undergoing. I found it valuable to learn and understand the pure concepts, principles and guidelines without having them translated or watered down, thereby losing value."
—Senior Manager, October 2016

"Great insights and learning on product backlog, which is the backbone to being a successful product manager in an agile/scrum environment."
—Product Manager, October 2016

"Best course I've attended. Enjoyed working examples and the course had real teeth to it."
—Business Analyst, October 2016

"(The course) gave me many new perspectives to consider, and will significantly help me be a better product owner!"
—Product Owner, October 2016

"The class was very engaging and the two days flew by. I wish it was longer!"
—Avionics Systems Engineer, October 2016

"The tools and techniques used helped me see things in a new light."
—Web Strategy Director, October 2016

"Excellent course worth every penny...Excellent instructor."
—Scrum Master, October 2016

"Though kind of a newbie to Agile and Scrum, I now feel much more confident in working in an Agile environment. Can't thank the instructors enough."
—Senior Consultant - September 2016

"Great course! Love to do it again!"
—Product Owner - September 2016

"I'm looking forward to sharing what I have learned with my Scrum team."
—Product Owner - September 2016

"Great course for new and seasoned Product Owners."
— Product Owner - September 2016

"Lots of good information. Very timely."
— Product Owner - September 2016

"The course provides great examples of how to deal with issues for PO's."
— Product Owner - September 2016

"...One of the best trainers....valuable, concise, engaging."
— Co-Founder - August 2016

"I found value in learning techniques to develop an effective Product Vision."
— Product Owner - August 2016

"An eye-opening two days that introduces Product owners to the best practices of managing your product backlog and scrum teams. What a great tool to expand your agile mind and enhance your product management skill set!"
— Digital Manager - August 2016

"This course has really changed my way of thinking of Agile and the Product Owner role."
— Business Lead - August 2016

"It is the best course I have recently taken having just finished a Masters program in Comp Sci and Management...over the past two years. This is the best one."
— Product Owner and Agile Developer - August 2016

"Take it, advocate and practice better - gain better outcomes."
— Consulting Manager - August 2016

"Great session, with clarity on how to approach software development in a scrum environment."
— Senior Project Manager - August 2016

"One of the best courses I have ever taken because the instructors are able to TEACH the concepts in multiple ways."
— Product Manager - August 2016

"The role of Product Ownership and the level of commitment our company needs to take to become an Agile company is a crucial decision that I now have the tools to present the value of to other stakeholders in our organization."
— Founder - July 2016

"The Product Owner course helped clarify a number of questions I had about the implementation of Agile."
— Creative Director - July 2016

"Excellent classroom experience!"
— Product Owner - July 2016

"The course taught me many new ideas and concepts."
— Director - July 2016

"Knowledgeable and patient instructor! There was lots of interactions with the group that led to great conversations and 'ah-ha' moments!"
— Scrum Master - July 2016

"If you want to learn the basics of the Product Owner role quickly, this is the class!"
— Program Manager - July 2016

"As someone who has informally worked with the scrum team as a PO I believe I will be better equipped to move our team forward."
— Director - June 2016

"Great foundations for Product Owner definition. Definitely will recommend to friends."
— Senior Product Manager - June 2016

"Excellent course as you learn by doing and there is a lot of interaction with your peers and the instructor. This helps learn the course material and how it applies to real world scenarios."
— Senior Product Manager - June 2016

"Great motivating speeches empower us to go forth and do 'agile.'"
— Project Consultant - June 2016

"The class was a great way to apply the practical aspects of agile in a stress-free learning environment."
— Product Manager - June 2016

"This is a very well-organized and facilitated course. The instructors are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot."
— CIO - May 2016

"The instructors provided techniques and mindset training for value focused delivery."
— Independant Consultant - May 2016

"Second course I've taken and it was just as good as the first (CSM) - great instructors and very clearly taught!"
— Assistant Project Manager - May 2016

"The most practical course that I have ever taken."
— Project Manager - May 2016

"Great seminar! Enjoyed all the examples (the instructors) provided throughout the seminar."
— IT Project Manager - May 2016

"Fast-paced and educational...the Facilitator made this experience very memorable."
— Coordinator - May 2016

"D- and M- were powerful and dynamic facilitators. The interactive exercises were very beneficial and really helped bring the Scrum fundamentals to life."
— Associate Product Owner - May 2016

"Engaging facilitation. Good solid understanding of the role or PO - helps round out my role and responsibilities."
— Technical Product Owner - May 2016

"I'm an avid reader and follower within the Agile community...BERTEIG has established an easy to learn curriculum that in itself is Agile. I've recommended it as a 'must have' for anybody transforming their workplace to a higher satisfaction environment."
— Business Development Manager - April 2016

"This course gives you the tools you need to release Agile software projects across a Scrum team."
— Product Owner - April 2016

"An eye opener. New way and world."
— Project Manager - April 2016

"The instructors are really passionate about Agile foundation and they know how to bring you on board."
— Business System Analyst - April 2016

"Had many many 'aha moments' that I am excited about taking back to my organization and applying it right away."
— Operation Excellence Manager - April 2016

"At (my business) we are shifting to Agile from waterfall. Previous courses from other vendors have not met my expectations at all. This is the first course...that has improved my knowledge."
— Senior Business Analyst - April 2016

"Excellent, well structured...very hands-on learning. This is the second course I have taken (from BERTEIG) and I have enjoyed every minute of it."
— Business Consultant -April 2016

"A natural trainer - he knows the concepts very well and explains them in a simple way. I think it was one of the best 2 days of training I have effectively spent."
— Senior Consultant - April 2016

"Excellent presentation of material and a great understanding of the pivotal role of a product manager in achieving a successful product and customer fit."
— Associate Director/ Project Manager - February 2016

"This was a great training for understanding key topics of Agile and Scrum. I will be taking a lot back to my team and sharing with them how we can continually add value."
— Senior Manager - February 2016

"Would recommend this course to anyone!"
— Product Owner - February 2016

"The course was a great use of two days - lots learnt that I can take back to work easily. I am very happy I was able to attend..."
— Product Owner - February 2016

"I had originally considered doing the scrum.org certifications but I feel I gained a lot more being in an interactive workshop setting...The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and engaging, and really forced me to get out of my comfort zone and consider new ways of thinking about productivity and value."
— Senior Consultant - January 2016

"Definitely a great course for beginners or those who already apply the practices. Provides great tools which can be easily applied for immediate results."
— Product Owner - January 2016

"Great information and very practical approach...reinforcing the techniques necessary for success."
— Project Leader - January 2016

"I enjoyed the interaction and perspectives of the various participants...and I will encourage other teams at my location to take further training."
— Principle Developer - January 2016

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Two days flew by."
— Scrum Product Owner - January 2016

" This training has given me valuable tools to improve...It has made me reflect on how our team is currently working and how we can improve. I definitely recommend this training to other product owners."
— Product Manager - January 2016

"I enjoyed the interaction with the teams and the instructor which maximized learning."
— Owner - January 2016

"This workshop is not just another intro to the Scrum/ PO role - it is high value with hands-on experience and fantastic support!"
— Product Owner - December 2015

"The instructor provides an enlightening and thought-provoking dissection of the Product Owner role in the Scrum universe."
— Director of Content - December 2015

"Instructor is knowledgable and enthusiastic; no fluff - all meat."
— BA/ Owner - December 2015

"Instructive and engaging. Any organization moving to Agile should enrol."
— Product Manager - December 2015

"The benefit that our Scrum team will gain from this training will be immense...Past training sessions have not provided me with so many next steps!"
— Product Owner - November 2015

"This is by far the best course I have taken. I was able to understand the concepts on the spot and apply them at work immediately after. Highly recommended!"
— Business Analyst - November 2015

"The Berteig CSPO course is a fantastic blend of theory and practice that explores relevant, real-world topics and provides hands-on experience through thought-provoking simulations."
— Scrum Coach - November 2015

"Berteig has shown me how to lead more effective tests, planning meetings, and much, much more, all of which will have an impact on our products well beyond 2016!"
— Product Owner - November 2015

"I liked the innovative approach to material presentation in the format of several Scrum sprints."
— Development Manager - November 2015

"I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a better way to deliver software products reliably and consistently."
— SAP Solutions Specialist - November 2015

"This seminar encouraged me to find ways to break through barriers currently facing our team."
— ScrumMaster - November 2015

"The CSM course was insightful and provided a solid understanding of the Scrum framework. I definitely look forward to another course with Berteig Consulting."
— Project Manager - November 2015

"The best training ever! The theory and practices of Scrum were understood through open discussions, plenty of case studies, real scenarios."
— Project Manager - November 2015

"I've never felt so full of useful information and strategies that I've been so excited to implement."
— Development Manager - October 2015

"Very practical, and distills complex concepts into simple and easy to understand ideas."
— Senior Manager - October 2015

"The class taught me how to not only be a PO, but also how to interact with the larger business to help promote Scrum and Agile thinking."
— Director of Engineering - September 2015

"Extremely useful, professional, knowledgeable. I will be taking these methods to my team."
— Sr. Software Engineer - September 2015

"Great course! Great opportunity to step back and reflect on what we're doing well and where we can apply more focus to become more Agile."
— Owner and Product Manager - September 2015

"10 out of 10. I learned a lot during this training that will definitely allow me to make the team process more efficient."
— Product Owner - August 2015

" I would definitely recommend BERTEIG for the Product Owner certification training (and other programs offered) for their professionalism!"
— Chief Projects Officer - August 2015

" Mr. Berteig delivers a good blend of practical and philosophical."
— Product Owner - August 2015

"This is a great course for anyone who is either already in the PO role or looking to become a PO in the future. It provides all the necessary knowledge and techniques you can apply."
— Product Owner - August 2015

"I recommend this eye-opening course to fledgling PO's, Agile adopters and PM's alike."
— Solution Analyst - August 2015

"Very professional and experienced! Would recommend."
— Owner - August 2015

"Excellent course - engaging, informative, and thought-provoking. I am certain I can now function as a strong Product Owner."
— Manager - July 2015

"I was skeptical about how much I would take away from the seminar, but now I would highly recommend Mishkin as a trainer: no reservations!"
— Product Manager - July 2015

"A must-do course for any newly assigned Product Owner."
— LBA - June 2015

"I will highly recommend this course not only for PO's but for all Scrum Team members to ensure clarity of roles."
— Manager & PO - June 2015

"A course every stakeholder and manager (of all varieties) must take."
— Architect - May 2015

"Superb course with insight on the role of a PO; great for people new to the role." - QA Manager - May 2015

"Mishkin's command of the material is top-notch."
— ScrumMaster - April 2015

"This course is a must-have for any person who works in project management and cares about achieving outstanding results for their customers."
— Project Manager - February 2015

"This course is exceptionally laid out (for) individuals both new and already exposed to Agile/ Scrum, with a great balance of instructional and hands-on content."
— Business Analyst - March 2015


About Your Instructors

Mishkin's Portrait

Mishkin Berteig

Canada's Best Known & Longest-Standing Certified Scrum Trainer®

Mishkin Berteig leads, mentors, trains and coaches teams and organizations, managers and executives. Mishkin helps organizations become more effective by using methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, OpenAgile® and Lean. These methods present the best balance between chaos and bureaucracy; they allow human creativity and problem solving to flourish in the service of tangible corporate and organizational goals.

Mishkin has over 15 years of professional experience with Agile methods. Mishkin publishes articles and thoughts about agile on Agile Advice. Mishkin has trained people from Canada, the United States, India, China, the Middle East and Europe. Mishkin Berteig is President and co-founder of BERTEIG.

David's Portrait

David Sabine

Scrum Trainer, Product Developer, Dad, Musician, TEDx Speaker

David Sabine has more than 15 years' "in-the-trenches" experience using methods like Scrum, Rapid Application Development, OpenAgile®, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Extreme Programming.

David helps organizations disassemble bureaucracy and decentralize decision-making so talented staff can deliver greater value to their customers and users. He works with people to help them discover the balance among vision, direction, and execution.

David's career highlights the intersections of business, technology, education & innovation. David joined the team at BERTEIG in 2015 and has quickly become one of Canada's most sought-after Scrum Trainer.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a Product Backlog that puts business priorities first.
  • Work with a team to enable business and technical innovation.
  • Leverage the business benefits of Scrum to maximize ROI.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Certified Scrum Product Owner® program.

Ideal for those who want to create:

  • Products that maximize ROI.
  • Exceptional quality products that delight customers.
  • A culture of continuous growth & capacity-building for individuals & teams.
  • Dramatically reduced time-to-market and ultra-efficient work processes.


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. History of Agile Methods & Culture
    • Scrum & The Agile Manifesto
    • High Performance Teams
    • The Definition of "Done"
  3. The Product Owner Role
    • Team & Stakeholder Collaboration
    • Qualities of a Product Owner
    • Mapping the Product Owner to Traditional Roles
  4. In-Depth Simulation Exercise
    • Backlog Preparation & Refinement
    • Choosing a Product for the Simulation
    • Product Vision & Innovation
    • User-Centric Design: User Categories, Personas, Usability & Empathy
    • User Stories
      • Writing Effective User Stories
      • Splitting User Stories
    • Estimation & Financial Modelling
      • Effort, Value & ROI
      • Methods of Ordering the backlog
  5. Advanced Topics (Depending on Time)
    • Scaling, Product Owner Pitfalls, Kano Analysis, Story Mapping
  6. Graduation
    • What Did You Learn?
    • Certification
    • Feedback Forms

Additional Benefits

Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice". In addition, everyone gets 1 other book of their choice from our list of recommended reading. You will choose a book at the end of the course. We offer free books because we encourage continuous learning!

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider


As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI as "Technical Education" PDUs | Details at CCRS.PMI.org.


This course is designed for those who care about the business success of their products and projects: product managers, project managers, business unit leaders and business analysts. Some basic knowledge of Scrum is recommended prior to attending this Learning Event.
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