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Introduction to Agile and Scrum

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This 2-day introductory class will provide a high­-level understanding of Agile and Scrum, with a focus on the principles and the human aspect of working with an Agile mindset. It includes some key terminology, the main drivers and challenges associated with Agile, a cursory view of Scrum, and some of the core concepts behind Agile thinking.

Participants are provided with a foundation of what is Agile, what it means to 'be Agile' over simply following another framework. This class will help an attendee understand next steps and options for them, including Scrum training and certifications.

NOTE: This is an introductory course. It is NOT a certification course, and should not be used to prepare to actively lead or participate in an Agile initiative. This class is suitable for all staff even those not directly involved in the Agile processes.

  • 14 PDUs or 7 PDUs (1-day)
  • Classroom hours count towards PMI-ACP® designation
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI
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Praise for Our Introduction to Agile and Scrum Training

“David is an excellent, knowledgeable coach and trainer. The materials and activities were excellent. Loved the many exercises that illustrated the points very well, and kept the group energy up. Really appreciated that we were not staring at slides all day!”
— Director, Market Intelligence - May 2018

“David was a great instructor - he definitely knew Agile inside and out. I really enjoyed all of the games we played. I found he sometimes didn't fully answer questions that we had. He would start answering the question and then bring in an example that wasn't really relevant and would spend too much time explaining the example.”
— Information Specialist - May 2018

"Instructor had useful analogies to bring Agile to life. He delivered the content by living the model on the wall, by showing progress and status at all times. He employed a variety of learning approaches (conversation, interactive games, questions and answers) that made the two days consistently interesting."
— Managing Director – April 2018

"A great introductory course to Agile methodologies. One leaves with insight as to how the application can be used to transform an organization."
— Product Manager – April 2018

"I appreciate the trainer's effort to accommodate different people's needs, and he was very knowledgeable and patient."
— Data Engineer – April 2018

"Course was well organized and contains a lot of theoretical and practical information."
— Product Manager – April 2018

"Great intro course of Agile/Scrum/Kanban basics. The interactive activities allow for a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught."
— Senior Software Developer - March 2018

"Great introduction to Agile; covers many topics in two days. Was fun, engaging and affirmative."
— Senior Developer - March 2018

"After the class I have learned the core thinking of scrum and how to choose agile to apply in potential practical projects."
— Senior Developer - March 2018

"A thorough introduction to agile that kept me engaged."
— Developer - March 2018

"I feel like I can apply what I learned."
— Tech Lead - March 2018

"Agile Intro was by far the best agile training I've ever seen."
— Senior Software Developer - March 2018

"Engaging! Intro to Agile is a great way to start shifting your team towards a better delivery methodology."
— BSA - March 2018

"Great for someone who does not have a heavy technical background."
— Project Specialist - March 2018

"Jerry was a terrific instructor and tried to address all our specific questions.  He was very enthusiastic and a great speaker.  I appreciated that he was willing to stay afterwards and answer questions."
— Lead Systems Analyst - December 2017

"Instructor is very passionate and knowledgeable, the course has a great mix of theory and hands on exercises."
— QA - December 2017

"Great instructor and presentation of materials."
— Senior Systems Analyst - December 2017

"A well-rounded and balanced introduction to Agile approaches and mindsets."
— Agile Team Member

"This is a great introduction for anyone interested in learning about how to think and work using Agile practices."
— Senior Project Manager


About Your Instructors

Forbes Portrait

Forbes Benning

Forbes began using Agile methods in 2008 and wonders how he ever lived without it. Now he wants to share that knowledge and experience with other teams.

Forbes has helped projects succeed for over a decade specializing in Agile projects and product management, Agile consulting at the executive-level and training. Forbes is dedicated to sharing his Agile knowledge to help other teams succeed.


Jerry's Portrait

Jerry Doucett

Agile Enthusiast, Trainer, Coach, Father, Photographer & Kayaker

Jerry Doucett helps large, multi-national enterprises innovate and deliver quality software and process development initiatives. He provides guidance, facilitation and mentorship to leaders and delivery team members as they apply and scale Agile and Lean approaches such as Scrum, SAFe, Kanban and Lean Startup. By fostering an environment of continuous improvement and learning, he helps people find the 'sweet spot' where they are truly excited to be at work while exceeding customer expectations and delivering true value.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those that are new to or curious about Agile but are unsure about making a commitment to more detailed or certification­-based training. It is also suitable for those that would like an introduction so they may begin their journey towards being Agile


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will learn the fundamentals of Agile Thinking including:

  • The human equation of Agility
  • Some key drivers and challenges for Agile methods
  • The principles behind Agile and the Agile manifesto
  • The Agile mindset and Agile thinking
  • What Agile is, and what Scrum is
  • Some key terminology and expectations
  • What your options are (certifications and training)



  1. Getting Started
    • About the Course
    • Drivers for Agile Methods
    • Challenges With Agile
  2. Agile & Scrum Overview
    • Agile Fundamentals
    • Scrum Fundamentals
    • Related Technology & Engineering Practices
  3. Changing the Way We Think and Work
    • Delivering Value
    • Responding to Change
    • Being a Team
  4. Options
    • What Can You Do Today?
    • Factors to Consider When Transitioning
    • Next Steps (Training and Certifications)

Additional Benefits

Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice".

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider


As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI as "Technical Education" PDUs | Details at CCRS.PMI.org.


General audience - staff, management and executives. No pre-requisites. This course is intended for those that are new to or curious about Agile but are unsure about making a commitment to more detailed or certification­-based training. It is also suitable for those that would like an introduction so they may begin their journey towards being Agile. [This is normally a 2-day class, please make sure staff are 100% allocated for 2-days to attend the training.]