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Agile Project Management - PMI-ACP + CSM


The Project Management Institute has introduced a new and valuable certification: the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). This intensive 3-Day Learning Event provides you with a great way to meet the requirements of this new certification program. Perfect for the PMI-ACP process!

Learning Objective(s): 

1. As a participant in this Learning Event, you will be prepared to become an effective Agile Project Manager with a toolkit of Agile methods (Scrum, OpenAgile, Kanban), Agile techniques (Planning Poker, User Stories, Release Planning) and skills (prioritizing requirements by ROI, facilitating self-organizing teams).

2. You will also be prepared with the necessary knowledge of agile methods to perform well on the PMI-ACP exam.

3. You will have competed the training component of Level 1 Certified ScrumMaster.

Most importantly, you will be prepared to deliver stunning results with your projects! Training by Mishkin Berteig, the premier and highly praised Certified Scrum Trainer in Ontario!

Five Reasons Why Our PMI-ACP is the Best:

  1. Training and experience in Scrum, OpenAgile & Kanban
  2. The premier Canadian Agile organization
  3. A team of coaches & trainers to support Mishkin
  4. Excellent hands-on training: focus on participant simulations and discussions, no slides
  5. Mishkin integrates truthfulness into his training to develop a strong foundation for the participants

Day One:

Introduction to Agile Concepts
- History of Lean and Agile
- The Agile Manifesto
- Agile Beyond Software
- Types of Agile Methods

Agile Project Management
- What is an Agile Project?
- The Project Manager Role
- Project Phases in Agile
- Agile Adoption vs. Transformation

Introduction to OpenAgile
- What is OpenAgile?
- Process Overview
- Benefits of OpenAgile
- Case Study

Introduction to Kanban
- What is Kanban?
- Kanban Simulation
- Benefits of Kanban
- Where to Apply Kanban?

NOTE: for Day Two and Three, please see the agenda for the Certified ScrumMaster Learning Event.

Project Managers, team leads, and other individuals who are working towards the PMI-ACP designation. Anyone who want an in-depth exploration of the best that Agile methods have to offer to teams and organizations.