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OpenAgile Team Member (Level 2)


Learn to be an effective Agile team member with a focus on the OpenAgile method (usable not just in IT or software, but also general project management, marketing, mining, sales, small business, non-profit, and even event management!)

Learning Objective(s): 

Participate effectively as a member of an Agile team (at any level of the organization).

  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions, Expectations, Rules
  3. Self Organizing Teams
  4. Why OpenAgile?
  5. Foundation One: Truthfulness
  6. Foundation Two: Consultative Decision-Making
  7. Foundation Three: Systematic Learning
  8. Process Overview of OpenAgile
  9. The Role of the Team Member
  10. High Performance Teams
  11. OpenAgile Meetings
  12. Paths of Service: Process & Growth Facilitation
  13. Team Simulation – Comic Book
  14. Certification & Community
  15. Presenting OpenAgile
  16. Q & A
  17. Summary, Conclusions, Feedback

Highly recommended guide: http://www.openagile.com/TheOpenAgilePrimer.


Anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of how to use OpenAgile effectively and who may be a team member on an Agile team (including management or executive teams, project or operational teams, and from any industry). It is highly recommended that participants have either attended our Introduction to OpenAgile course or read the OpenAgile Primer.