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Introduction to OpenAgile

This half-day workshop is perfect for those who want to learn about applying agile methods outside the software or IT organization. It is also perfect preparation for the OpenAgile Level 1 Readiness Certificate test.
Learning Objective(s): 

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  1. Decide if OpenAgile is right for you, your team, your department or your organization.
  2. Take the OpenAgile Level 1 Readiness Certificate test.
  3. Apply the OpenAgile system to basic, small-team work problems.
  1. Welcome
  2. History and Purpose of OpenAgile
  3. Foundations of OpenAgile
  4. Overview of OpenAgile Processes
  5. OpenAgile Capacity-Building (Certification Program)
  6. Benefits of OpenAgile
  7. Case Study: Suncor
  8. Q&A
  9. OpenAgile "Readiness" Certification Test - Level 1
General audience - staff, management and executives. No pre-requisites.