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Certified ScrumMaster

The most popular Agile certification! This two day course gives you the foundations to be an effective ScrumMaster and contributes towards the requirements of the Scrum Alliance's Certified ScrumMaster program. Delivered by Berteig Consulting's own Mishkin Berteig. Counts as 16 PDU's.
Learning Objective(s): 

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Remove obstacles that prevent teams from becoming high-performance.
  • Enable a team to follow the Scrum process to deliver great products and continuously improve their quality.
  • Describe Scrum to others including roles, meetings, artifacts and principles.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Certified ScrumMaster program.

Training by Mishkin Berteig, the premier and highly praised Certified Scrum Trainer in Ontario!

Five Reasons Why Mishkin Berteig's Certified ScrumMaster is the Best:

  1. Training and experience in Scrum since 2004
  2. Berteig Consulting is the premier Canadian Agile services organization
  3. A team of coaches & trainers to support Mishkin
  4. Excellent hands-on training: focus on participant simulations and discussions, no slides
  5. Mishkin integrates truthfulness into his training to develop a strong foundation for the participants
  6. Praise for Our Certified ScrumMaster training:

    "Presentation was first-class and provided all the goals I hoped for." - President - August 2015

    "Mishkin's approach to training is hands-on, illustrative, and fun. The exercises helped drive home the finer points of Scrum." - Independent Consultant - August 2015

    "I found the interactive nature of this course to be engaging, challenging and ultimately rewarding. It stretched my thinking and I believe it will help my organization." - Superintendent of a District School Board - August 2015

    "ScrumMaster training allows you to manage product development in a more sane process - brings definite order to chaos." - Sr. Software Developer - August 2015

    "Excellent course! A wealth of information delivered in a very comprehensive manner. Highly recommended." -Manager - August 2015

    "This course was truly amazing, offering a deep understanding of the ScrumMaster's roles." - ScrumMaster - July 2015

    "Well structured course with enough room to cover all questions from participants...It felt like a two-day Sprint!" - ScrumMaster - July 2015

    "Great course! I'm confident I can explain Scrum to anyone and win them over to this methodology/ process." - Project Manager - July 2015

    "A+ course! The instructor's knowledge of the subject was reflected through exercises and simulations that can easily be translated and applied to the workplace." - Software Development Manager - June 2015

    "Whether you are a ScrumMaster or want to move toward a ScrumMaster role, this course is for you!" -ScrumMaster - June 2015

    "Excellent course for everyone who seeks to understand the true meaning behind Agile and Scrum. I would recommend it as a refresher for teams that started Agile transformation to re-enforce the ideas again." - IT Lead - June 2015

    "This course focused on the right areas to prepare you both for practical needs and certification - lots of real-life examples and learning!" - PM - June 2015

    "I would highly recommend Mishkin Berteig for training as he is an excellent facilitator and able to adapt to many work environments/ situations." - Owner - June 2015

    "The ScrumMaster certification has given me the empower my team to be high performing, using real-world example and practical techniques while covering the fundamentals." - Scrum Master - June 2015

    "This course teaches you basic yet very important information on how to do Scrum properly." - Scrum Master - June 2015

    "Highly recommended. You can be a confident Scrum Master after attending the two-day session." - CEO - May 2015

    "The instructor is very knowledgable...he implements/ demonstrates time management by instruction - excellent." - Systems Analyst - May 2015

    "Great course, hands-on material - there is no substitute!" - Project Manager - May 2015

    "Great demonstration and application of a high-performance team structure, while delivering the value a ScrumMaster brings to any project team." - Product Manager - May 2015

    "Best in training! Definitely recommend this to my colleagues." - OA Leader - May 2015

    "This course presented a lot of material in an entertaining manner that made learning feel effortless. The exercises helped apply learning to our specific needs." - Senior Software Engineer - April 2015

    "The course was great. I think it would be great to roll it out to an entire team!" - Manager - April 2015

    "Fantastic, empowering course!" - Consultant - March 2015

    "World Mindware's courses are worth far more in potential business improvement than their cost would suggest. Even small businesses should consider examining their processes through Scrums' lenses." - CEO - March 2015

    "An excellent, open, interactive platform for students to attain the confidence to pass the exam." - Project Manager - March 2015

    " This course should definitely be taken by our VP's, Directors, and Team Managers!"- PMO Manager - March 2015

    "An informative, well-structured, high energy walkthrough of the Scrum framework. Inspiring." - Delivery Manager - February 2015

    “Perfect course, perfect trainer.” - Project Manager

    "Great course! Very interactive without being overwhelming!" - ScrumMaster - February 2015

    "Great insight, information and industry examples." - Project Manager

    “I've been to many project management courses and this is by far the best.” - Project Manager

  1. Introductions
    • Facilitation: Welcome and Introductions
    • Lecture: Scrum Certification, Classroom Expectations
    • Handout: Notes (Questions, Information, Insights, Action Items)
    • Exercise: Generating Questions
  2. In-Depth Simulation
    • Lecture: Introducing the Project
    • Exercise: Diving into the First Sprint
    • Handout: User Stories
    • Lecture: User Stories
    • Exercise: Generating User Stories
    • Exercise: Splitting User Stories
    • Lecture: The “Bucket System”
    • Handout: Planning Game Cards
    • Exercise: Estimating Value
    • Exercise: Estimating Effort
    • Lecture: Calculating ROI
    • Exercise: Prioritization
    • Exercise: Velocity and Release Planning
    • Exercise: Sprint Two
    • Exercise: Sprint Two Review
    • Lecture: Retrospectives and Action Items
    • Exercise: Retrospective
    • Facilitation: Four ScrumMasters
    • Lecture: Burndown Charts
    • Exercise: Sprint Three
    • Exercise: Sprint Three Review
    • Facilitation: Project Debrief
  3. Waterfall/Lean/Agile Simulation
    • Simulation: show how Agile methods can result in 400% productivity improvement
  4. Scrum Process Overview
    • Handout: The Scrum Process
    • Practice: Explaining Scrum
    • Discussion: The Scrum Process Q&A
    • Exercise: Improving Quality
    • Lecture: Scrum Is/Is Not
    • Handout: Scrum Rules of Thumb
    • Discussion: Scrum Rules of Thumb
    • Lecture: Scrum Team vs. Not Scrum Team
    • Handout: Scrum Team Room
    • Discussion: Scrum Team Room
    • Discussion: Junior vs. Senior Team
    • Lecture: Definition of “Done”
    • Exercise: “Done” for You
    • Lecture: “Done” and Agile Maturity
  5. The ScrumMaster Role
    • Exercise: Qualities of a ScrumMaster
    • Handout: The ScrumMaster - Self-Evaluation
    • Exercise: The ScrumMaster – Self-Evaluation
    • Discussion: Clarifications
    • Lecture: Removing Obstacles
    • Handout: The Scrum Administrator
    • Exercise: Mapping the ScrumMaster Role to Traditional Roles
  6. Graduation
    • What Did You Learn?
    • Certification
    • Feedback Forms
The ScrumAlliance has some background reading about Scrum that you may wish to peruse either before or after the course.

All course materials will be provided in electronic form after the course is complete. We use Bittorrent Sync to share these materials in PDF format. Please look for our follow-up email after the course to receive an invitation to our shared folder.

Bonus #1: attendees get one free book from the list of recommended reading on Agile and Scrum topics. You select a book at the end of the course. The book will be shipped to an address of your choosing after course completion.

Bonus #2: attendees get free Planning Poker decks! Every attendee gets at least two. If you need more, please let us know when you register. One attendee asked for and got 100 decks at no charge!!!

This course is ideal for those who desire to create high-performance product development teams. Team leads, project managers and functional or line managers all can benefit from understanding Scrum's amazing transformational power and the critical role of the ScrumMaster. If you are a member of the Project Management Institute, this course counts for 16 PDU's and as part of the requirements towards the PMI-ACP designation.
City Start Datesort descending Price
Markham, Ontario 2015/09/22 $1,545.00 Register Now
Toronto, Ontario 2015/10/20 $1,545.00 Register Now
Mississauga, Ontario 2015/10/27 $1,545.00 Register Now
Waterloo, Ontario 2015/11/09 $1,545.00 Register Now
Toronto, Ontario 2015/11/24 $1,545.00 Register Now
Toronto, Ontario 2015/12/09 $1,545.00 Register Now