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Scaled Agile: Leading SAFe 4.5 with SA Certification

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This 2-day course teaches the practices, terminology & and Lean-Agile principles of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). Learn how to execute and release through Agile Release Trains, build an Agile Portfolio, and lead an enterprise transformation to Agility by leveraging SAFe®. Attending this class will prepare you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Scaled Agilist (SA).

  • 16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
  • 1 year membership with Scaled Agile®
  • 2 free books, estimation cards, and more
  • BERTEIG is a Silver Partner with Scaled Agile
  • BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI

NOTE: All SAFe® class types are available for private delivery by BERTEIG. For more information and to schedule your private SAFe® class, please contact Mark Kalyta at Mark.Kalyta@berteig.com or (cell) 1-289-395-1856

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SAFe 4 Process Overview Poster
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Praise for our Leading SAFe® Training

“It is really high content training, trainer is interactive and knowledge(able). I attended other PMP, PRINCE2 training...and this one is more interactive. Jerry is a great instructor, he engages the students and provides insights and feedback to all. He creates a learning environment to cover lots of materials in a short time.”
— Senior Solution Architect - June 2018

“Really amazing training. Very in-depth knowledge of Leading Safe 4.5.”
— Project Manager - November 2017

“Great overview of SAFe by Jerry.”
— Senior Vice President - November 2017

“BERTEIG is a Real Agile Transformation company, they train, coach, mentor, consult and transform Organizations. They have wide range of offering on Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban,  SAFe etc.). I would recommend BERTEIG to any organization for Training and consulting in Agile.”
— Director of Software Development - November 2017

“Jerry's teaching style and how he gradually delves deeper into each topic is very effective. The class is engaging, and the examples are realistic. I think I can apply the knowledge that I am gaining in this class right away.”
— Senior Project Manager Consultant - November 2017

“Good insight on how and when SAFe should be used, and industry insight.”
— BSA - November 2017

“Jerry answered all questions and really did a good job at transferring knowledge.”
— Scrum Master - November 2017

“The course really opened up a lot of great discussions and some aha moments as it relates to existing Agile practices as we work to scale..”
— Attendee - September 2017

“Jerry is an excellent facilitator and coach who has hands-on practical experience in large and small teams, both in highly political, highly dysfunctional, and disorganized environments, as well as working with Lean and nimble Start-ups. His experience easily contributes to half the course content because he makes it real..”
— Sales - September 2017

“Jerry's candid training style is a breath of fresh air! Jerry clearly takes pride in his work and it shows in his training ability. I loved hearing about his experiences implementing Agile as an experienced Agile coach..”
— Team Member - September 2017

“Jerry Doucett is the most experienced instructor that I have encountered in all of the courses I have taken... His answers to our questions were highly credible, relevant, and presented in a way that we could take back to our leadership. Jerry exceeded any and all instructor expectations that I had walking into the course.”
—Senior Systems Analyst - June 2017

“Jerry does a great job delivering the material, providing insights and perspectives as an agilist, and sharing his experiences for context.”
— Agile Coach - June 2017

“Jerry has provided great training and real world insight on the utilization of SAFe.”
— Senior Manager - June 2017

“If you're trying to figure out how to scale agile teams, this course will give you the foundation how to use SAFe to scale.”
— Program Manager - June 2017

"Great that J---- has actual real life stories, that he's a practitioner not just an instructor. But he's a great instructor too. Solid knowledge.“
— Program Manager - April 2017

"I can vouch that there was a world of difference I felt in the training methodology at BERTEIG as compared to another US trainer I signed up with earlier. (The instructor) ensured all concepts were well articulated. The professionalism, environment, real life industry examples, interaction among the attendees, and simulation exercises all make BERTEIG's learning events an exceptionally outstanding experience for one and all...If you are serious about SAFe, go with BERTEIG, you will feel much SAFer...:)"
— MS, CSM, CSPO, SAFe 4.0 - January 2017

"The instructor was very knowledgeable about the topic and had good experience.”
— Scrum Master - February 2017

“There was a lot of value in the discussions we had.”
— Agile Coach - February 2017

"Fantastic introduction and overview to SAFe! (Instructor) was able to translate the information into something more easily relatable to everyday work."
—Development Manager - January 2017

"Well-organized course. Instructor knows his stuff especially with so much information."
—Project Manager - January 2017

"Good course which introduces the basic concepts of Scaled Agile and how it should be implemented in an enterprise/ bigger organization."
—Project Manager - January 2017

"Fast-paced and engaging course."
— Project Manager - December 2016

"Amazing course - I would recommend it to any team who would like to adopt Scaled Agile in their organization."
—Senior Release & Configuration Analyst - December 2016

"(The instructor) is very familiar with real world scenarios that have real practical application of methodology."
—Applications Manager - December 2016

"Well thought-out course designed to fit into the time allotted. Good real life examples and a collaborative approach to the course encouraged participation."
—Scrum Master - December 2016

"I was really impressed with our instructor, Jerry. He was very knowledgable and has extensive experience in the field working in many different organizations. It was great to get his 'real-world' perspective on the topic of scaling Agile."
— Scrum Master - October 2016

"This course was very enlightening - it helped me realize that scaling Agile in large enterprises is possible. Sharing conversations and experiences with others in the class was also a very valuable experience."
— Planning Manager - October 2016

"Jerry was an amazing instructor; he was knowledgeable, patient and was very effective at translating a lot of material."
— Scrum Master - October 2016

"Very interactive and detailed."
— BSA - August 2016

"The instructor was excellent and really understood the content and its nuances."
— Principal - August 2016

"Great course! Learnt a lot beyond just the immediate course pak."
—Senior Management Developer - December 2016

"The training of Scaled Agile opens the door to a whole new world for me."
—Project Manager - October 2016

"This course was very enlightening to learn that scaling agile in large enterprises is possible. Sharing conversations and experiences with others in the class was also very valuable."
—Scrum Master - October 2016

"Great instructor; great materials."
—Product Manager - October 2016

"Great introduction to Leading SAFe - the challenges and the benefits of the methodology - and being able to distinguish the differences between Scrum and SAFe."
— Principal Pgm - August 2016

"Great course. Knowledgeable instructor who kept the attendees engaged."
— Senior IT Project Manager - May 2016

"If scaling is important to you, take this course."
— Agile Coach - May 2016

"Course is excellent; good material to read."
— ScrumMaster - May 2016

"This course gave me a great grounding and knowledge, and ideas of how to communicate and share with my team."
— Director, Products and Services - February 2016

"It has been an excellent imparting of knowledge and (the facilitator) has been able to explain things in detail."
— Promoter - February 2016

"Instructor took the approach of teaching the principles of SAFe through analyzing real-life problems in an organization and explaining how SAFe approach would address them."
— Agile Enablement - February 2016

"Provided good understanding of SAFe Framework."
— Consultant, February 2016

"I recommend this course to all senior managers who are thinking of scaling Agile in their organization…The principles and structure of SAFe are valuable to all."
— Agile Coach - November 2015

"Excellent course. Very eye-opening. Travis is an excellent instructor who knows the material well and communicates it in a clear, engaging and entertaining way. I'm looking forward to digging deeper and applying these sensible scaling practises."
— Solution Architect - November 2015

"Provides good framework for implementation on a high level in organization, since documenting it and having transparency is key."
— Team Lead - November 2015


About Your Instructors


Jerry's Portrait

Jerry Doucett


Agile Enthusiast, Trainer, Coach, Father, Photographer & Kayaker

Jerry Doucett helps large, multi-national enterprises innovate and deliver quality software and process development initiatives. He provides guidance, facilitation and mentorship to leaders and delivery team members as they apply and scale Agile and Lean approaches such as Scrum, SAFe, Kanban and Lean Startup. By fostering an environment of continuous improvement and learning, he helps people find the 'sweet spot' where they are truly excited to be at work while exceeding customer expectations and delivering true value.




Travis' Portrait

Travis Birch


Leadership Consultant with North America's most prestigious companies

Travis is a Partner and VP of Consulting Services at BERTEIG. Travis brings patience, integrity, and sensitivity as personal qualities to his work with organizations. Travis works with executive leaders, managers, and staff on their journey toward Agility. This includes organizational consulting, transformational change management, culture change, overcoming resistance to change, all while focused on great business results and creating a great work environment.

Learning Outcomes

After this course, you will understand how to:

  • Apply SAFe® to scale Lean and Agile development in your enterprise
  • Support the execution of Agile Release Trains
  • Coordinate large Value Streams
  • Manage a Lean-Agile Portfolio
  • Align the organization to a common process model
  • Configure the Framework for your context
  • Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers
  • Support a Lean-Agile transformation in your enterprise

You will also learn the materials required to take the certified SAFe® Agilist (SA) exam after the course is complete.


  1. Welcome and Expectations
  2. Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework
  3. Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset
  4. Understanding SAFe® Principles
  5. Experiencing PI (Product Increment) Planning
  6. Exploring, Executing and Releasing Value
  7. Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise
  8. Empowering a Lean Portfolio
  9. Building Large Solutions
  10. Closing
    • Certification and Exam Expectations
    • Feedback Forms

What You Get

The class registration includes:

  • Attendee workbooks
  • Eligibility to take the SAFe Agilist exam
  • One-year membership to Scaled Agile, with access to members-only resources such as webinars, workbooks, guidance presentations, and advance notice of upcoming SAFe products
  • SAFe Agilist (SA) attendance certificate upon request

About the SAFe® Agilist Certification

Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Agilist (SA).  The SAFe Agilist certification program is for executives, managers and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean-Agile change initiative in a large software enterprise. It validates their knowledge in applying the Scaled Agile Framework, lean thinking, and product development flow principles in an enterprise context so they can lead the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework.

Additional Benefits

Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice". In addition, everyone gets 1 other book of their choice from our list of recommended reading. You will choose a book at the end of the course. We offer free books because we encourage continuous learning!

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider

As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI for Category A PDUs: details at CCRS.PMI.org; our Certified Scrum Developer® is valid for Category B PDUs.

This course is particularly suited to organizations where disrupting existing governance processes will be difficult or met with strong resistance. For Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CIOs, VPs and Agile change agents responsible for leading a Lean-Agile change initiative. Development, QA and Infrastructure Management professionals. Product and Product Line Management. Portfolio Managers, PMO and Process Leads. Enterprise, System and Solution Architects.
City Start Datesort descending Price
Toronto, Ontario 2018/11/27 $1,395.00 Register Now