Of course we are going to provide you with a great list of testimonials! The really cool thing is that we almost never get negative feedback!!! Our facilitators are just that good. Here are some testimonials, and then we will talk about our ratings and why we have so little negative feedback...

This course...really opened my eyes about the Agile style compared to Waterfall.

    Infrastructure Manager

Perfect course, perfect trainer.

    - Project Manager

I've been to many project management courses and this is by far the best.

    - Project Manager

[facilitator] did a tremendous job of explaining... to a very diverse group.

    - VP, Shared Services

[facilitator] is warm and inclusive... was impressed with [facilitator]'s knowledge.

    - Engineer

One of the best courses I've attended.... the speaker was excellent.

    - Product Manager

Energetic and constantly engaged.

    - Project Manager

This has been a great experience.

    - VP of Operations

Great job [facilitator] – I really enjoyed learning from you!

    - Technical Product Manager

The Best training I have attended.

    - Business Systems Analyst

[facilitator] was extremely knowledgable and set a strong framework for learning.

    - Team Manager

Excellent delivery.

    - Senior Engineer

The trainer was great at helping us discuss specific questions.

    - Project Manager

Trainer presentation: perfect!

    - Project Director

Two days well spent. Great job on presenter side! It felt natural and fluid.

    - Lead Developer

Well organized, very professional.

    - Senior Software Engineer

Great insight, information and industry examples.

    - Project Manager
About our great feedback...
On our feedback forms we ask people if the session they have just completed is better than or worse that previous training sessions they have attended. Our Learning Events consistently get a majority of people saying that the session was either "Better Than" or "The Best". Of course, there are other great facilitators out there so some people also select "Just as Good". Out of thousands of people who have attended our Learning Events, less than 1% have selected "Worse Than" or "The Worst". This tells us that we're doing a lot of great things to help people learn things that are useful, memorable and sometimes even mind-blowing!
And we keep on getting better...
All our facilitators take to heart the idea of continuous improvement, personal development, and working as a team to support each other. If one of our facilitators learns a great new technique that helps people remember more, then that technique is quickly shared with the other facilitators. Our approach for every class is constantly improving. Not only that, but we always ask the participants in our Learning Events to give us ideas on how we can improve. And we integrate those ideas right away! We don't have to wait for some approval committee to review a revision of a "facilitator's handbook"... we just make the improvement, share it with each other, and deliver it to the very next group of participants.