Compelling Communication - Voice Coaching Workshop

Voice Coach

Good communicators deliver! Your voice tells your story, even before you can. It tells the listener you are confident and authentic...or not; whether you're someone they want on their team, or managing their business. What story do you want your voice to tell about you?

In successfully completing this workshop you will also earn:

  • Practical skills that are transferable in all roles
  • Exercises that you can use with your teams
  • Convenient Saturday only workshops
  • Free Agile Advice ebook, estimation cards, and more
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Voice Coaching
Learning Objective(s): 


What story does your voice tell about you?

This day-long workshop gives you the foundation to become a compelling communicator. It can be facilitated in two half-days if that is desirable, as:

  • Compelling Communication I
  • & Compelling Communication II


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing these workshops, you will be able to:

  • Free your voice from unwanted restrictions
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Speak and articulate clearly
  • Feel greater confidence
  • More effectively present yourself and your subject

Everything you need will be provided by the facilitator. Wear comfortable clothing - you need to be able to move freely without any restrictions. Bring yourself and a readiness to have fun.


Praise for Our Agile Trainer

"10/10. It is good to express authenticity. Authenticity is the essence of communication."
— Engineering Manager - November 2017

"10/10. It was fun (and I learned) techniques for prepping for talks."
— Agile Transformation - November 2017

"Enjoyed immensely - very atypical"
— Sr. Content Innovation Specialist, May 2017

"I learned some really cool activities that I will use again.
— Specialist, May 2017

"Overall I thought it was very good
— Sr. Content Innovation Specialist, May 2017

"What I enjoyed most: the improv based exercises that Valerie guided us on.
— Sr. Project Manager, December, 2016

"Fun and informative.
— Manager, December, 2016


About Your Instructor

Valerie Senyk's Portrait

Valerie Senyk


Valerie Senyk has taught Acting, Voice & Speech classes at universities for over twenty years. She has a Masters degree in Drama and has taken professional vocal training at the International Voice Intensive, as well as training in the Alexander Technique. She also coaches BERTEIG's Agile Team Development to enable teams to work more effectively using soft-skills for high performance.

Valerie is a CSM, CSPO, TKP, Certified Agile Leader, and a contributing member of the Agile community. She has published numerous articles on



Morning (3 hrs)

  • Introduction: common voice & speech problems – what’s the difference?
  • Physical and vocal warm-ups
  • Finding your authentic centre
  • Articulating - how to clarify your speech
  • Presentations from a script
  • Discussion / Questions


Afternoon (3 hrs)

  • Theories of communication and ‘speaking your truth’
  • The role of Breath and Posture in confidence
  • Physical and vocal warm-ups
  • Overcoming nerves and “stage fright”
  • Presentations – it's not what you say but how you say it
  • Discussion / Questions

Additional Benefits


Planning Cards

All attendees receive as many decks of Estimation Cards as they want! You're guaranteed at least 1 deck but the instructor often brings extra. Each deck includes four sets, therefore most Scrum teams need 2 or 3 decks. Feel free to ask for as many decks as you need.

Agile Advice book cover

All attendees receive a free electronic copy of Mishkin Berteig's book "Agile Advice".

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As Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance®, BERTEIG instructors regularly facilitate Certified Scrum training seminars. BERTEIG is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute: our Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses have been approved by the PMI for Category A PDUs: details at; our Certified Scrum Developer® is valid for Category B PDUs.


For anyone wanting the edge to succeed in business, where communication is a prerequisite. Good for CEO’s, Upper-level Management, Coaches, Scrum Masters or any employee. This will also assist those for whom English is their second language.